Den of Geek: EyePet PS3 Review

The EyeToy was an impressive piece of tech when it first arrived. Although PCs had been doing camera-based motion controlled games far earlier, the EyeToy moved things squarely into the mainstream, with predictably successful results.

Time has moved on, though. With Nintendo's excellent motion controls on the Wii and the otherworldly promises of Microsoft's Project Natal the EyeToy has rapidly begun to show its age.

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sprinterboy3332d ago

Personally do not agree with the review, I had no trouble or my nieces with setting up or the controls, this guy is obviously pants at gaming, my nieces and foster kids are on it daily with no problems, all I would say is that the children will find it difficult to get the gold awards in the mini games, I tend to get silvers with the occasional gold, so i can se it will be hard for the little ones to get golds which unlock the clothes and other prizes. Great game though for kids and even me.

hatchimatchi3332d ago

it worked horrible for me until i put a lamp on the floor. Now it works pretty well, it's a fun game too. Drawing a car and playing tag with the pet is surprisingly fun. I bought my copy today, i'm an american living in singapore at the moment and i was really surprised to see it, my girlfriend was so excited when we saw it in the store (funny too cause i was just about to buy her nintendogs for the ds). Sony is making a big mistake imo by not releasing this game in america for the holidays.