Console Monster: Brutal Legend Review

Console Monster writes: ""Do you want to start a revolution? Now or Later?" This isn't the type of question many people are asked everyday. In fact, I highly doubt many people have been asked the question in their life time. However, in Tim Schafer's latest creation: Brutal Legend, it is a common occurrence and one players will almost always answer: "Now."

Brutal Legend follows the story of Eddie Riggs, the best roadie the world has ever seen. Voiced by Jack Black, Eddie is injured and knocked unconscious during a Kabbage Boy gig, when his blood lands on his cursed belt buckle magically transforming the stage set into Ormagöden - a fire beast. Ormagöde transports Eddie into a heavy metal world where he meets Lars and Lita Halford, as well as Ophelia - his romantic crush, who help Eddie create an army to fight Lionwhyte. Nevertheless, this isn't your typical army with soldiers and medics, more headbangers, female slaves, roadies and bikers..."

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