Trine debuts at #2 on Playstation Store

Trine is the second most downloaded content on the Playstation Store in its debut week.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3332d ago

I am getting this game when the money is right... the demo is great...
Come on

stevenhiggster3331d ago

I bought the game, it's damn good.
Some reviewers were banging on about it being really difficult, can't say I found it that hard, but then I didn't play it on hard though. You should definately get it.

Kira833331d ago

I never had a problem solving anything until the final level, and this game doen't get enough credit for how good it is. One of the best titles on psn imo.

sirbigam3331d ago

Nice I could play with someone,this is a definite prospect, good times ahead.

rawd3331d ago

I bought it, it's fun

nycredude3331d ago

hey question for you guys. I'm been playing Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 and I just bought Rachet and Clank. Is Trine good enough for me to drop those games and play it instead? It looks cool but $20 is a tad high for a psn game. Also I am probably going to pick up Dragon's Age and Assassin's Creed 2.

it just seems like overkill to get Trine also... Thanks in advance.

raztad3331d ago

Come on nycr you having some sort of compulsive consumer sickness :D but I understand you, I need to control myself and not buy games I wont be playing. Your hands are full, let Trine get a price drop $20 is waaay too much.

rawd3331d ago

I've only just started it. $20 isn't that much when you are really rich like me

stevenhiggster3331d ago

I wouldn't drop that lot, but once you're done with those you should defo get it.

nycredude3331d ago

Thanks guys. I'll take a look at it after playing these games. Not much coming in Dec so maybe then I'll buy.

Raz-I try but it's just sooooo hard to deny myself some good games.

Tex-i love different type games, and besides Trine for some reason reminds me of back in the days... Probably cause it's a side scroller. How long is the game?

likedamaster3331d ago

"let Trine get a price drop $20 is waaay too much."

That is bad advice. Trine debuted on PC for $40, $20 on PSN is a good deal. I enjoyed it, no multiplayer but it looks gorgeous and has good replay value.

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Tex1173331d ago

Trine is a welcomed change of pace from Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2 and what will be Dragon Age and ACII.

It has great music, great voice acting...a fun fairy tale type delivery.

The controls can be a bit funny but once you get used to it, its great.

I played on Hard at first...probably a mistake because it is kinda hard sometimes.

And that damned last level...ugh.

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