Left 4 Dead 2 Interview with Chet Faliszek: Part 2

GamerZines: Do you see Left 4 Dead 2 as an entry level game? Solely due to the fact that the concept of zombies is so universal.

Chet Faliszek: That's the cool thing, you know you don't have to explain or say it's an evil corporation or anything like that. People already know what to do and they make really good fodder. It's definitely something that excels from an ease of entry point of view.

GZ: Since the release of Left 4 Dead 1 it seems as though you're going for a more competitive aspect.

CF: There is some of that in Left 4 Dead 2 but we're statistic freaks. I think a lot of people thought players would go for co-op and then versus but in reality people play more co-op than versus, because it's a social thing. You hook up with your friends you went to college with or we've heard stories of a guy using the game to propose to his wife. We've had long distance husbands and wives playing the game because it's like a chatroom where there are more things to do than just chat. So we've done more with co-op but we still have new stuff for competitive players like Scavenge mode, which is shorter and more intense. Versus games can be very long and if I tell my wife I'm going to play versus she knows I'm coming to be until late and it's true. Even with Crash Course it still ends up being an hour, So we wanted something much quicker and that's what Scavenge is all about. You can jump into fifteen minutes of competitive play and it's over, or you can do another round if you like.

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