PlayDevil: Need For Speed: SHiFT Review - SHiFT or SH*T ?

PlayDevil has posted an Xbox 360 review of EA's latest NFS update, "Need For Speed: SHIFT".

Here's a snip:

"Shift or Sh*t?

The Need For Speed (NFS) series has been in the doldrums for a few years- will this new title be a successful SHIFT in the right direction, or does the series stay rooted in reverse for a fourth consecutive year?

Carbon started the downfall, ProStreet was ill-advised rubbish, and Undercover was a poor man's rip-off of Most Wanted,, but not as good, despite it being the same developers and with more experience on the hardware. Now, with a new internal development team, with experience on the GTR series, can the series survive yet another shift in direction towards a racing simulation?

Clearly EA have been envious of the success of Dirt and GRID, and gone for a similar approach- have they pulled it off?"

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GamerKnights3330d ago

Yep this latest NFS game isn't sh*t at all, in fact it's as good as GRID in my opinion, if not better.

Compare it with Forza 3 .... what might be better?

GamerKnights3330d ago

Yep it's awesome! Lets hope next years NFS game will be as good as, if not better!