Infinity on MDW2: "We want them [gamers] to be emotionally shocked"

Although the leaked footage surprised a lot, it should come as no surprise, because in a recent interview, Vince Zampella, head of the game's developer, Infinity Ward, said that they intended for their game to Startle players.

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Gandalf3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

I'm sure killing civilians will do just that.

SL1M DADDY3306d ago

They certainly stirred the emotions of the PC community just by taking away their dedicated servers.

nycredude3306d ago

The more i see of this game the more i think it will blow chunks. last gen graphics on a last gen engine. Looks just like MW1 and now they need shock value to gain attention. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looks miles better.

sikbeta3306d ago

"We want them [gamers] to be emotionally shocked"

and they manage to do it, rising the price -_-

Blaze9293306d ago

They will when they start the PC version of the game and find out there are no dedicated servers and mods.

jonnyp7773306d ago

@ 1.1 and 1.4: could people cry any more about the damn dedicated servers? pc gamers FTL!

@ 1.2: how are they "last gen graphics"? it's not in a new gen. and the engine has been modified, it's not going to be exactly the same. i didn't realize you've already played the game to know that it is or not.

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theEnemy3307d ago

they surely did shocked gamers after their bullsh1t moves and decisions especially on the PC version.

slave2Dcontroller3307d ago

Kotick to be shocked, as in electric chair.

dalibor3306d ago

Or you could Hang 'Em High(a great clint eastwood movie). Whatever fits your diabolic mood.

Highwayman3306d ago

Hang 'Em High is a great film. The spaghetti westerns of his are excellent films.

I really like Pale Rider as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.