PS3 and Wii RPG Scans 10/30/09

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International (PS3), Ar Tonelico III (PS3), Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crysal Bearers (Wii), 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3), and Trinity Universe (PS3).

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sakura20093329d ago

really lookin forward to those games. they all look fun to play. specially 3d hero

SpoonyRedMage3329d ago

Crystal Bearers FTW! Looks like they're introducing some new moogles. Stiltzkin and Artemicion are still the stars though.;)

mastiffchild3329d ago

I know you've followed this even more avidly than I have Spoons. Thing is, has ANY game ever changed so much and so often as this has? Sure we started with a completely different concept(all the supposed co-op and diff art)but even since then ebery time I see a story or a scan something else has been added or changed.

No wonder it took so long! Someone needs to learn how to make up their minds! Still, after all the toing and froing it still looks cool so maybe they have more of a clue than it sometimes looks from the outside. Maybe it's just me but surely we could have been playing this a LONG time ago.

Interested n just what 3D Dot Heroes ends up playing like as well as I reckon that very few people understand exctly what they're after just yet. Obviously Ar Tonelico is a rather open book for those of us who saw previous games, SO4 will need a big push to make me want to play it again(S'okay but gets dull at times)and Trinity Universe I dunno that much about so far but at least there's some jrpgs heading to PS3 finally so we'll see just how ravenous the PS3 market has grown since falling out of love with SE(and them seemingly with PS3!)at E32008!

CC:CB, on the other hand looks to be a great way into FF for newcomers and a good stop gap for frustrated Zelda fans on the Wii with it's gameplay seeming much closer to Ninty's beloved franchise with every passing change. At least the jrpg love is now finding it's way to places that AREN'T found in your pockets or, to a lesser exten, the 360!

Anyone ese hear that rumour about a PS3 or Wii follow up/prequel to TWEWY? The game was one of my favourite ever handheld games(regardless of genre)and was so well built for and suited to the two screen gameplay of DS that I strugle to see how it would work on the bigger single screens at home. Hope it's still true mind-even if I'm not so sure it is! Honestly, I heard it a couple of times in the summer and nada since then so if anyone does hear something could they give me a shout? I felt it was a really refreshing new direvtion for SE in many ways and was criminally underrated and undersold too.

SpoonyRedMage3329d ago

Yer, I can see the "too much variety" thing coming up with Crystal Bearers, there's lot and lots of different stuff in there, even stealth gameplay. I think it took so long because of the amount of polish and also because in the development time they've also made Ring of Fates, My Life as a King, My Life as a Darklord and Echoes of Time, as well key people working on the Chocobo series.

About the others you mentioned, I personally feel 3D Dot Heroes has kind of overshot the homage thing, but I haven't really been following it. Star Ocean is kind of dull, a good game though. I agree with the last point too, the Wii is even getting some good JRPG love now.

Yer, Crystal Bearers could appeal to both Zelda fans and also FFIX fan(the CC series are basically FFIX sequels, even sharing characters).

Hmm, about TWEWY, I remember an interview with one of the directors(or possibly a producer) of the game discussing the possibility of a Wii sequel. A PS3 could happen but I don't think it will happen personally, especially considering Jupiter seem to only work on Nintendo platforms. I think it will most likely stay on the DS though.