Fallout 3 GOTY is "Unplayable"

K-Tuck writes "I just can't help but feel like Bethesda is challenging me to finish this wonderful title by forcefully and embarrassingly punting me out of the experience."

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ChiefNuggz3335d ago

For a version of the game that is supposed to be fine-tuned and better than the original, its surprising to see that some of the bugs that were included in the first version are actually worse in the new release.

Smacktard3335d ago

A Bethesda game being unplayable by a large number of people? Get out! When has that ever happened!?

Listen, I loved Morrowind, but come on... these guys have seriously got to get their act together and fix the serious, game-breaking, game-destroying, game-rendering-unplayable problems that plague each and every one of their games.

TheHater3335d ago

They will not fix it because people still buy these games in the millions and the media give them a free pass

K-Tuck3335d ago

Its still BS. Microsoft drops checks that sound like bricks when hitting the table.

ChiefNuggz3335d ago

How is it expected or even acceptable that a major developer/publisher can release a game that is so-called "unplayable"?

You don't act surprised, but would you be if your next copy of Halo 4 or whatever refused to run for more than three minutes?

callahan093335d ago

Yeah I was never able to enjoy Morrowind because of the bugs. I never got more than a few hours in without game-breaking bugs completely killing my character and save file. Oblivion had it's fair share of bugs, too, with game-freezing and random bouts of serious slowdown (I'm talking less than 5 fps, for seemingly no reasons, and the only thing that would cure it was rebooting and clearing the cache... never happened in any other game for me, just that one). Fallout 3 never gave me any trouble, personally, but I've heard stories.

I guess when you have projects as huge and ambitious as Bethesda's it can be tough to find and remove all the little bugs and glitches that wind up popping up, but they definitely need to try harder next time.

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chrisulloa3335d ago

He should go get the 360 version.

K-Tuck3335d ago

It sure does. I knew the game had issues from my playthrough about five months ago, but it was never this bad.

tigresa3335d ago

I can't believe companies dare unleash unfinished games on the market like this. I mean, seriously. Unplayable? Don't they have beta testers?

rrquinta3334d ago

That's really disappointing as I was thinking of picking this up eventually :(. I guess it would be too much to hope for a patch...