OXCGN's Most Loved XBLA Games


"Not every quality gaming experience comes from a full retail-sized video game these days. The new surprising breed of gameplay fun can actually come from a downloaded smaller and less expensive bite-sized game from Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), Playstation 3's Playstation Network (PSN), or Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console.

While we enjoy these downloadable games from all consoles (Flower is an amazing concept!), we will be looking at our staff's most loved XBLA games. See if you agree with us, or if you have your own favourites and comment at the bottom of the article."

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gaminoz2970d ago

I think they missed Secret of Monkey Island!!!

XboxOZ3602970d ago

Oh, and several others. Thing is, especially of late, I don't get much chance to play any XBLA titles . . . but when I do, Snooker is one favourite, and funnily enough, Brain Train is heaps of fun as well.

gaminoz2970d ago

Is that a take on Brain Training on DS?

XboxOZ3602970d ago

I think so, but whatever it is, it's a good brain teaser

Godem2969d ago

lol sorry, but imo brain training was abysmal

Godem2970d ago

Braid takes the pot, awesome

darkmurder2970d ago

Yep a truly awesome game.

allegionary2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I mostly just use XBLA to download extra multi levels.

Does PSN or Wii have any decent downloadable games on them? I've heard of Flower, but not much else.... besides rehashed old games.

darkmurder2969d ago

I've heard Fat Princess is pretty good and PS3 also has Trine (coming to 360 later) which is awesome on pc.

gaminoz2969d ago

What's that one where you catapult people into buildings etc.?