Celebs who look like video-game icons

"With films based on games like The Sims, World of Warcraft and Prince of Persia in the works, the love affair between Hollywood and gaming is still going strong. Check out these iconic characters and their celebrity counterparts!"

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LordMarius3281d ago

What a horrible picture for Nate, and they could have used an in game picture for Kratos,

Ragz0173280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Jennifer Aniston looks like Elena from uncharted..

NoBias3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

How are they going to say f'in Reese Witherspoon looks like Princess Peach lol. You might as well put any blonde next to Peach.

I wish I could un-do clicks. This could have been cool if they actually spent time on finding look-a-likes to specific characters. Looks like it took them all of 5 mins to put this list together ha.

SpoonyRedMage3281d ago

Nathan Fillion looks more like Sergeant Buck from Halo 3: ODST.;)

About the list: some were good picks and some weren't.

itchy183281d ago

oh i forgot his face is a fckin helmet! lol!

Obama3280d ago

hahaha not a surprise since Master Chief has zero personality anyways.

3sq3281d ago

No, this dude does not look like Drake.

Rocket Sauce3280d ago

I'm not really seeing the resemblance. I think its Fillion's eyes that make him look pretty different.

NoBias3280d ago

Know that his acting is pretty much the reason for Drake. Ask Naughty Dog.

madpuppy3280d ago

but, as for looks, Nathan Fillion does NOT look like Nathan Drake. Now, Joe Flanigan
that guy from stargate atlantis, he looks like Nathan drake...heck even his humor and the way he talks reminds me of Drake. http://www.entertainmentwal...

tehk1w13281d ago

God I really wish Yahoo stopped writing about games.

Gobot3280d ago

I really wish yo momma would stop calling me.

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The story is too old to be commented.