Kotaku: Saw Review: Do You Want to Play This Game?

Kotaku writes: "As you can probably guess, Saw is not the game that turns me into a fan of survival horror. Yes, it has compelling puzzles, but, in the context of the game, it wasn't nearly enough. Perhaps it had to do with how relentlessly dark and violent the game is, but playing it just filled me with a sense of unexplainable dread. Then again, maybe that was the point. (It didn't help that the theme of Tapp's questionable morality is pounded into the player, so much so that I wondered whether the game should be called Hammer.)

Finally, one more reason against recommending Saw: Unless you're an achievement whore, there's virtually no replayability. I finished the game in about 13 hours, although I've seen some claim to have completed it in as few as eight. That's the definition of a rental if I've ever seen one".

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Feral Gamer3329d ago

I might rent it cause I like the movies and the trophies would be nice to add to my rather meager collection... on the other hand, I don't want to be embarrassed by people seeing that I actually played this 6/10 game.... decisions, decisions.

El_Colombiano3329d ago

Wow so it matters what others think of you?

Better yet, it matters what people you have never met think of you?

thedisagreefairy3329d ago

our lives are meaningless if I_pwned_ur_face thinks we are losers for playing a Saw game