Dear Blizzard, No one Likes PUGs

With a new patch always comes it's sets of ups and downs. Blizzards latest news of a new dungeon system seems to be quite the downer indeed.

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scary3273d ago

F-that man....pugs are awesome! take that pic down.

HolaTarola3273d ago

Yeah, pugs rox! here's my pug, say hello to Vampi ^_^

erathaol3272d ago

My friend loves Pugs, his online name Pugthug.


Dawn_Of_Ashes3273d ago

I like pugs, they are cute!

Mutley4163272d ago

Pugs suck...Even The dailies can be fail boats cause of all the NoObs trying to step up...Finding a good Raid group RULES!!! Just Finished Faction Champs on TOG25!!! Next Week The Twins go down!!! Pugs can`t do that...

kraze073272d ago

Speak for yourself. PUGs can really come in handy depending on the people you're playing with.

Perjoss3272d ago

pugs are the most fun you can have as an experienced, well geared healer. keeping a bunch idiots alive is both fun and challenging. I just fall asleep in good groups.

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