Why Gay Tony should be on PS3 and PC, too (plus over 150 exclusive screens)

From Gameswire: "Having landed on the Marketplace earlier today, we've been ploughing our way through The Ballad of Gay Tony, and we've liked what we've seen so far.

"And in our humble view, we find it a little unfair that 360 owners are the only ones who can (for now, at least) play it – more so than we did The Lost and Damned."

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mattygamefreak3309d ago

Agent - Can only be done on PS3.

See how this works? Isn't it annoying =P

lindquist3309d ago

Lets wait and see.
I guess they cant make the graphic any better than GTA IV, but perhaps alooot larger.

D4RkNIKON3309d ago

The graphics will be better because it won't be a multiplat. The 360 won't be holding this game back! They will be building this one from the ground up just for the PS3. Sorry to burst your bubble

corneliuscrust3309d ago

or devs willing to cater to the lowest denomination?

Soldierone3309d ago

We are just lucky Microsoft paid to make our exclusive, so in a way PS3 fanboys should be happy MS is around spending money like nothing.

MS" Here is some money, we want exclusive DLC cus we have nothing else to offer"
Rockstar *thought bubble* We could use that for a PS3 exclusive** "Deal"
Day later
Sony "WTF guys?"
Rockstar "We just got 50 million dollars to make you an exclusive"
Sony "You guys rock!"
Rockstar "Yes its in our name"

Godmars2903309d ago

Pretty much one and the same.

Though that's not counting the Wii. In terms of technical ability anyway.

tordavis3309d ago

@Darknikon - "The graphics will be better because it won't be a multiplat. The 360 won't be holding this game back! They will be building this one from the ground up just for the PS3. Sorry to burst your bubble"

Wasn't Tekken 6 built from the ground up on the PS3? 360 version looks and plays the same. Your logic is flawed.

D4RkNIKON3309d ago

@Tordavis And your hardware is flawed. How does one instance disprove anything, they are different devs. Also your list in tour first post was weak, about half of them are multiplat.

Elvfam5113309d ago

"They will be building this one from the ground up just for the PS3. Sorry to burst your bubble"

"Wasn't Tekken 6 built from the ground up on the PS3? 360 version looks and plays the same. Your logic is flawed."

@TorDavis you fail to read correctly


compare to your sentence

Because Tekken 6 is MULTIPLATFORM compare to Agent which is PS3 Exclusive

JD_Shadow3309d ago

Yeah, I would assume that the game would look the "same" (wasn't there that FPS controversy that sprouted about a month or so ago about the game?) on both consoles when Namco delayed the PS3 version several times in order to get things working on the 360 so they could release both versions at the same time. Wouldn't be THAT hard to figure out.

lowcarb3309d ago

It's happened more than once with VF and Unreal. Don't try and act like you didn't know with more time 360 can always look better.

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gameangel3309d ago

I was thinking of this as just a small expansion, so no big deal to miss it, but the more I hear about it the more it's becoming a really annoying not to be able to play it as it's much more substantial than just a small expansion.

Hopefully it's just a timed exclusive and it'll turn up on PSN next year sometime.

M_Prime3308d ago

I wish they would have kinda made more indication when GTA4 came out. I mean i have the 360 and LOVE LOST and DAMNED and GAY TONY but when GTA4 came out and they announced DLC they did not mention all this extra stuff they would be adding. I mean its more and more fun with every expansion though i really got tired of the BROTHER thing in lost and damned.

And it sucks that you don't get to play it but sometimes its like the cookie crumbles, the PC version does have a few good mods though however getting the game to run nice can be a chore and the PS3 version has non of that... so as this DLC is really ramping it up. Hopefully there is more DLC that will be multi-plat because i understand MS paid for 2 exclusives.

also when DLC was announced teh SONY people said they didn't care and that the game sucked and that it was just wasted money.. but now that they are actually out and they are GOOD, everyone wants to play them, which i knew would be the case anyhow because personally i think they have a good engine for the game and grand theft auto always has a good story backing it (in my opinion)

Blacktric3309d ago

Because everyone who owns and likes GTA series HAS TO experience it. Thet made a terrible job with PS3 and PC version (PS3 version looks kind of weak compared to the Xbox 360 version in terms of graphics and PC version needs powerful a CPU to work decent). They didn't do anything to make things better on both systems. They released bunch of patches for PC but it didn't changed things that much and Multiplayer on PC still filled witch cheaters (they can even make you drop out of the server). I have a 360 and ordered Episodes From Liberty City but I wish I could have an opportunity to play it on both PS3 and PC.

glennc3309d ago

all 3 versions were rubbish. reminds me of when driver 2 came out and they tried to do too much with the engine but were just bad game developers. same here, they survived on the PS2/xbox through middleware (renderware wasn't it) but maybe they had to actually do some hard work for the new generation and failed.

rockstar really are not that great, they survive on controversy because the game is buggy, repetitive and boring.

GTA has run it's course. until they can give me a living city instead of BS promises i am no longer interested.

Serial_EDX3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I have two reason it shouldn't

The ps3 fans say its trash. :)

And PC fans complain about pricing and would just pirate it.

Both 100% facts from this site.

raztad3309d ago

GTA4 is definitely boring and overrated, but I heard a lot of positive things about L&D and Gay Tony expansions.

LtSkittles3309d ago

I own the game on PS3, and I never said the game was trash, so you need to stop stereotyping. I would enjoy more GTA, and would be more than willing to buy TLAD, and Gay Tony. I do think it's childish, and immature that some PS3 fans call 360 owners Gay, because of the game being on the 360. I'm not mad at RockStar just, because I can't get the content that's only on the 360. I do think Microsoft shot themselves in the foot when it was only for the 360, but oh well, I can move on.

corneliuscrust3309d ago

was a BLAST!!! Just a little on the short side. But perhaps that is why it didn't feel drawn out like the original gta4

Serial_EDX3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Lt_Skittles I'm not talking GTA4 by its self, go look in the majority of the reviews for the expansions, ps3 owners in those articles would trash it...don't believe me go look at them.

like I said, Its 100% from this site.

XD don't miss read it.

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