GameRanger Hits 600 Supported Games With Borderlands, Helps Online Problems

GameRanger Technologies today announced the addition of Borderlands to the multiplayer matchmaking service, GameRanger. Borderlands marks the 600th supported game after just a year since the PC release of GameRanger.

GameRanger opened to PC gaming in November 2008 with over 500 supported games. A year later, it has now reached 600 supported games with the latest major title, Borderlands. Unlike the built-in service, GameRanger solves router and firewall network problems automatically, making it simple to host online Borderlands games with friends.

"Borderlands provides a strong co-op experience that is best played with people you already know," said Scott Kevill, president of GameRanger Technologies. "I'm very pleased offer an easier way for Borderlands fans to play their friends online."

GameRanger runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and is available as a free download from

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Bnet3433335d ago

A poor mans Xfire. Don't bother with GameRanger.

Scott Kevill3335d ago

They serve completely different roles.

Xfire is mostly a communicator, a job it does very well. It does have some server browsing ability, but that's fairly limited.

GameRanger solves connection issues and actually helps you play these games online. For Borderlands, in particular, this has been a serious issue.