Are Bethesda Games Too Buggy?

The Canada Examiner writes: Bethesda among all the developers producing games for consoles also holds the reputation for consistently releasing the buggiest, glitchiest games. No one will argue that Bethesda games aren't top class entertainment experiences... when they work. But the question then becomes, should gamers forgive the increasing malfunction of Bethesda games because of the fun they offer, or will there come a day when Bethesda has leaned on the good will of forgiving gamers for too long and have crossed a line?

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TheHater3338d ago

But most reviewers and the media in general give them a free pass every fricken time. I have never played a game with as much problems as Fallout 3 ever. That game was unplayable at times because it freezes every 5 minutes. No reviewer seem to mention this in their reviews and Bethesda has done nothing to fix these problems.

Mr_Bun3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Fallout 3, you mean FreezeFrame 3.

A bunch of us thought our consoles were on their way out, until we realized that it was happening to all of us...and on different consoles.

gamesR4fun3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

still i got thru oblivion so the bugs were annoying but the game was still great but fallout goty ed is way 2 buggy to b on the shelves.

no doubt the fact they got a free pass on their previous games helped the decision to release a fatally flawed product. Still i hope they get sued into making sure future games work.

TheHater3338d ago

The only reason I finish Fallout 3 was because of that platinum trophy. If it was not for the trophy, I would have taken the game back after about an hour into it. It froze about 7 times for me in the first hour and I was about to lose it.

Mr_Bun3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Oblivion wasn't as bad as would think that Fallout would have been an improvement (in terms of bugs)...not the other way around

Edit: @Hater

If that game wasn't so fun I wouldn't have made it out of the first vault...I soon learned why you were able to have infinite saves!

ThanatosDMC3338d ago

Yeah, it freezes a lot. But great game though. It's just too big a game. I'm playing Fallout 3 GOTY on the PS3. I hate it when i fall/jump on something i cant get out off and need to reload my last save.

At least the GOTY version doesnt freeze up as much as my PC version of Fallout 3 when it came out. Also, Walter and other people dont disappear or randomly die as far as i've played in the GOTY version. In the PC version Yao Guia spawn in Catemberyburg (sp?), you know the place with the Antagonizer, the machine guy, and the Traders? Yeah, they killed everybody except the kid but then i never saw him again after i slept in Porter's bed..

gamesR4fun3338d ago

Ya totally agree like i said i finnished it and it was great still is with the mods XD but its still pretty buggy n was even worst at release.
Jus saying that the reason they thought they could get away with that fallout release was cause they got away with so much on their previous games.

Pennywise3338d ago

FO3 took the crown from GTA4 as the game to freeze my PS3 the most. What a turd of a game. Bethesda better work on their glitches before their next game releases. It would freeze AT LEAST once an hour.

Megaton3337d ago

Fallout 3 is the buggiest game I've ever played, by miles. I've never even played a beta that came close to the amount of freezes, bugs and glitches Fallout 3 has.

That being said, I've dumped an easy 400 hours into it across several saves. It's the only WRPG I've ever finished, and one of my favorite games of all time.

Love/hate relationship with that game.

Cold 20003337d ago

I had Fallout 3 on my 360, played it for 8 hours and never had a problem with it.

ThanatosDMC3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I think the game freezes more and more as you progress or screw around in the game. Also, the save file is getting bigger and bigger. It used to be around 3mb but now it's 6mb.

I think, they're keeping track of everything the player has disturbed in the game rather than respawning junk that have been pillaged or moved or destroyed.

Also, one thing that scares me is the sound that my PS3 makes before it freezes... the fan begins blowing really hard even though i just turned it on and played for less than ten minutes.

If it gets more and more infuriating i'll go and buy Borderlands for my killing adventures.

Also, big question. In the GOTY edition, do i still get trapped in main quest ending???

GodsHand3337d ago

I find it freeze's often with the expansion packs. I've had very little problems with the game itself, and My save file is at 17MB. The reason it gets so big is that they have it remember every little thing you do in the game, who died, where the body is, what car/bus you blew up etc. As for if they make the buggiest game, would not know, but you could include a list of other companies in that category. *under breath* 2K.

Serial_EDX3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

??? I'm lost, I beat both oblivion and Fallout 3 and never had any of these bug issues you guys seem to be rambling about.


After reading the rest of the comments, the issue is with the ps3 versions of the game, no wonder I had no issues, I was on 360 for both.

Perjoss3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

dont blame the game, fallout 3 never froze my 360 single time.

It does not surprise me to hear that it had problems on the ps3, most multiplats do in some way or another. Thats why I only use my ps3 for playing MGS4, Uncharted and watching HD films. My real gaming machine is the 360.

Megaton3337d ago

All versions of the game are loaded with bugs. I've witnessed them on both PS3 and 360.

Elvfam5113337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

people saying that it doesn't freeze on the Xbox 360 doesn't mean it doesn't exist

and on PC too

walken73337d ago

I got Fallout 3 for ps3 on release, it froze up on me about the same amount of times Uncharted 2 has frozen up on me. In both cases it's been 3-4 times. Just thought I'd throw that in for comparison. Of course, maybe Fallout just didn't give me as many problems as you guys on this thread.

CrippleH3337d ago

I agree when other games get scrutinized for minor flaws such as screen tearing or aliasing, Bethesda get off with a free pass with bugs and tons of them at that.

It even won game of the year with this bug riddled game.

heroicjanitor3337d ago

I had it on ps3 and it froze more than any other game, but about 10 times in all which was once every couple of days. That was annoying and I've never had a game like that, but you guys must have digested the disc before you played it or something.

Sarcasm3337d ago

Well considering the scope of their games, the QA team probably cant find everything because of the massive amount of hours it will take.

But that's still no excuse I suppose. And yes, Fallout 3 AND Oblivion were buggy as hell.

DarkTower8053337d ago

I really can't fathom the issues people had with Fallout 3, I played through the game twice and got my Platinum on it. Not once did the game EVER freeze on my. The only bug I found in the game was in the Mill area where one of those huge beasts (forgot name) are. I was up between a rock and a mountain and I went under the map, other than that, the game was a glitch/bug free awesome experience.

What I find wierd is how some people (like me) have no issues while others find the game unplayable. To me, that doesn't sound like it's something on the devs end, but who knows?

Shepherd 2143337d ago

both oblivion and fallout 3 have worked fine for me. i have put over 400 hours into oblivion in the past 3 years, so i know. oblivion is one of the greatest games ever made, and a bug every once in a while is very forgiving considering all that the game offers; no other game comes close to the amount of re-playability, detail, and vast freedom that oblivion offers. Fallout fell short a bit but was still great.

Reviewers let the bugs slide because oblivion and fallout are simply too fantastic to nit-pick at their occasional flaws.

frostypants3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

THANK GOD someone wrote a piece about this. I've been complaining about Bethesda for years. The same sorts of bugs have been popping up in every game they've made in the Elder Scrolls series (from a design standpoint I'm treating Fallout 3 a de facto part of that series...the gameplay is basically the same). How do they get away with this?

And now that they develop for consoles as well, every freaking platform has to deal with it. The sadly hilarious thing is how the PC, 360, and PS3 are all equally buggy, but all in totally different ways. I for one suffered through the PC version. Stupid thing would completely freeze my PC. No other game in recent memory would ever lock up so bad that I couldn't even kill it in Task Manager. Just horrible.

Awesome article. Best N4G submission I've read in weeks.

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reintype3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

But I've read many horror stories concerning their games.

One of the reasons I've not gotten FallOut, not only because it's buggy but it has a level cap of 30.

For someone who loves power levelling, small level caps is something I definitely consider on games that I buy. But the most rage-inducing controller-hurling thing in a videogame for me, has to be the lost of progress through no fault of mine bec. the videogame is buggy/broken.
That's why I stay away from a game if it has bugs.

GodsHand3337d ago

Level CAP of 30 if you buy the Broken Steel expansion pak. If not then it's only 20. The only buggy stuff I found is when you play the expansions, the game itself works pretty good for me. I have it for the PS3, so I really could not tell you if it has the same problems on xbox.

Feral Gamer3338d ago

I've never had problems with Bethesda games. I'll wait and see once I get to the DLC in the Fallout 3 GOTY.

Ludakriss3338d ago

Yo, I'm honestly not even sure why I'm commenting right now, further more why I'm even still playing the game...but I know that the reading of this article is surely unnecessary. Bethesda - great ideas, but c'mon. Current generation and so unfinished. Must be embarrassing for you as Developers.

The Matrix3337d ago

WELL ITS HARD TO NOT be buggy when you make games that are the size of 10 normal games. It's like making a Halo game with a 100 hour campaign and complaining that it's not perfect. Duh, it would take a couple extra years just to iron out the bugs.

Redempteur3337d ago

So what making huge games should allow them to continue ?

NO .. there are a lot of sand box games ... of course you can't get every bug .. ( gta had some , infamous had some , crackdown had some too ) but at fallout level ..this is just lazy work ...

You what ..they should had deleyed the released by 2 or 3 months and increased the size of their testing team ( if they had one ...because i'm having doubts )

When you release an expansion pack ...and it's not working .. You HAVE to wonder if there is a quality check at some point ...
Bethesda are just lazy ...and some people don't care ..i Do Fallout game of the year SHould have been ironed of some bugs ...yet there are still there ... this is unforgivable ....

The Matrix3337d ago

My point is that Fallout 3 is 5x BIGGER and more complex than GTA IV and Crackdown put together. More complex in that if you kill someone the program has to account for that for the rest of the game so there is a constant avoidance of paradoxes etc.

Redempteur3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

NOt an issue ..

If you know your game is big , spend a lot of time testing it ..

This simple thing wasn't done .. Fallout 2 was great huge for it's time and yet , beside 2 localised bugs ... it's was nearly perfect ( even with permanents death and the like ).

The testing , the basic testing wasn't done ...and it's bethesda fault .. is it so hard to hire a 30 or 40 people team during some months to iron the game ? I mean you're already blowing your budget out by making a Open sand box rpg ... money shouldn't be an issue .... YEt ... THEY didn't .. Most of the bugs aren't here because the game is huge ..but due to the lazyness of the devs ...

Some bugs some disapearances are on the F-ing main quest ... did no one see them ? And why instead of releasing dlcs .. most of the little bugs remains ?

frostypants3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

@2.3, the world might be big (though it's only a tiny fraction of the size of the Bethesda games of the 1990s), but the gameplay and engine aren't that much more complex than many other games. I don't see how a big world has much to do with most of these glitches. Some of the fundamental stuff people have experienced, like losing items, are inexcusable. These are problems that should have been discovered before they created the world map.

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Lucreto3338d ago

Yes Fallout did have a lot of problems. You can actually see the frame rate dropping one frame at a time. I learned to save every 10 minutes out in the wasteland. I say in about the 80 hours I played it must of froze at least 65 times.

They better learn from these errors.

frostypants3337d ago

LOL!!! Yeah, don't count on it. Bethesda's been pulling this EXACT same s**t in their PC games since 1994. It's like clockwork. It's just new to the console realm.

QA is a foreign concept to them.