DS and PSP iPhone game piracy: is handheld DLC a gift to the pirates?

It's all about handheld games right now. The iPhone has racked up 100,000 apps and 2 billion downloads, while the PSP is enjoying a rebirth thanks to its new focus on digital content.

But pirates have it even easier these days, as their process doesn't even begin with getting the game off a disk, hacking it, and redistributing a massive file around the internet.

Digitally distributed games are already the perfect size for a quick and convenient download, and have no cumbersome physical media to compete with. A gift to the game pirates.

But this is nothing new, as Team17 founder Martyn Brown explains.

"The 20 plus platforms [we've developed for] over the last 20 years have all suffered to great degrees," he begins. "Our first, the Amiga, was shocking. I think the DS is bad, if not worse. As for PC, well, you've seen the decline in titles."

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