Rare to develop Natal FPS

Critical Gamer Writes: Project Natal aims to get gamers holding conversations with their televisions (if Milo is anything to go by) and insists that "you are the controller". But how on earth would an FPS with no control pad work? It seems that perhaps Rare are already giving this serious consideration.

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General Pinky3274d ago

I waiting for some hardcore things for natal...and plz microsoft make the clan system on the xbox 360..and some MMO's to go with that

Alcon Caper3274d ago

MS is really biding their time as of late. Hopefully these months of silence will be worth it when we see the projects of these top devs with Natal.

D4RkNIKON3274d ago

HAHA awesome! I can't wait to see this. This will make or break Natal so just hope it works.

WenisWagon3274d ago

This is going to be amazing.. exclusive to Xbox 360

Shadow Flare3274d ago

Any bets it won't be accurate enough? If its anything like the 'well bam! there it is' avatar's leg, you'll waste entire clips just trying to get a headshot

HolyOrangeCows3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Can't say I have much confidence in Rare these days.

Maybe this is a new Perfect Dark.
Whatever it is, don't screw up Natal's first fps, Rare.

@ Above
Watching the videos, there's a fair amount of delay, too.
They could make a fun shooter, but it won't be accurate.

Carl14123274d ago

Hurry up Rare, because i fail to see how a FPS could possibly work without a controller

SuperStrokey11233274d ago

Anyone remember how the painting was at E3? Yeah, thats your FPS right there...

Ausbo3274d ago

however, this article sucks. It is just speculation and there is no factual evidence leading to that.

Shadow Flare3274d ago

A link FiftyFourPointTwo made in the open zone which i think deserves a place here. This video just shows how stupid an FPS on natal would be and why it wouldn't work

rockleex3274d ago

Their live demonstrations displayed laggy responses and inaccurate mapping of movements.

Remember, when you're using it at home, its going to be even less reliable than during a live demonstration under the right conditions, etc.

General Pinky3274d ago

reply to comment with so much hate on natal...come on guys...plz if you dont have something nice to say than go to the PS3 articles or the openzone if you cant handle yourself...but if im here try to have a nice and peaceful convo plz... thanks
Your General

AKNAA3274d ago

Its time to train that trigger finger for your pretend guns!... especially the machine guns lol!

dreamcast3274d ago

"A link FiftyFourPointTwo made in the open zone which i think deserves a place here. This video just shows how stupid an FPS on natal would be and why it wouldn't work"

They're obviously not going to require you to run, but I would like to know how they'll handle controlling the character.. unless it's an on-rails game.

4Sh0w3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Good, I cant wait to see what Rare can do with it.

Greywulf3274d ago

Why is everyone ignoring this? PDZ was ok, not entirely better than Bungie's efforts. Banjo flopped beyond flopping. They aren't in a position to make or break anything anymore than Peter Monelux is.

Natal is just words and behind the scenes gossip right now. And its shown features have already been done by other products on the market right now.

Microsoft says "Ok natal is the next big thing" and you all say "ok natal is the next big thing!" based on the concept that you can play games without controllers, and all demos shown thus far of the new amazing technology have been basic demo's that are done by other hardware devices right now.

The odd part of the whole Natal debate, is its the self-proclaimed "hardcore" minority leading the commentary. The same exact people who condemned Wii's motion control as a gimmick(including Sony & Microsoft). Now its the key to a consoles success? With the fad of motion already knocking on Nintendo's door(the #1 leader of this gen). The whole time Nintendo already proved that casual gamers have absolutely no problem with Wii controllers. No, now the key is controller-less gaming? And its from the guy that said Fable's dog A.I is more advanced than anything previously done in gaming? The same guy that praised Too Human's innovation?

Fact is this, you cant show me anything that Eyetoy/Webcams hasn't/haven't already done that Natal is pretending it can do. I dont know if its easier to feel pitty for you as a gamer, or just laugh. I mean can you picture half of the "hardcore" gamers miming fps actions? jumping, strafing, anything? I can't. But I don't have to.

Saaking3274d ago

How exactly would you play an FPS on Natal? The main draw of Natal is "A controller-less experience." IF they use a controller along with Natal, it makes the whole thing pointless.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3274d ago

They used to make great games, but now they "rarely" do.

Kleptic3274d ago

easy guys...we all know how awesome the Wii is at fps imagine that with halo graphics (!?) and no controllers/triggers/wands/sti cks/etc whatsoever...thats the key to a hardcore game no matter how you look at it...isn't it?...

KiRBY30003274d ago

so much potential fail in that quote, it made me LOL.

Rare (used to be great, now is only the shadow of itself) will develop on Natal (a glorified eyetoy) a FPS game (with no controller? really?).

and people are excited about that? wow.

Sarcasm3274d ago

Easy, you hold up your finger and pretend it's a gun. Like this...

SixZeroFour3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

i can see movement being done by putting one leg forward to move forward and move it back to walk turn, simply twist your body in the direction and aim with the arm held out and moving it around

but my main question is how are you supposed to shoot? can the camera really detect a small twitch of the finger resembling pulling the trigger? if not, i dont know how else you would be able to shoot unless they sold props for every natal game came with its own prop like a assault rifle and pistol...but then i would think that that is kinda like a controller and this is supposed to be a controllerless thing

4Sh0w3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

From the article:
“Right now our sights are trained on Natal, which is a great opportunity to break new ground with content and gameplay. It’s also an opportunity to exercise some genre evolution, so hopefully we’ll be able to develop something on that front.”

I don't see anything in their comment that says they won't use a standard controller along with Natal, they could simply be talking about implementing gameplay mechanics like throwing a grenade, hand signals for moving your team/AI partner, voice commands, inteface interaction, so there goes all your over dramatic "jumping and strafing" miming critique, besides microsoft themselves have said numerous times that some games will be done completely without a controller and some will use both, it depends on the game and the developer, funny how many always overlook this point, and yet everybody's making assumptions, your speculation about how Natal will be used in Rare's game is nothing more than pure negative guessing. I'm a gamer, I love it when dev's talk about evolution, whether Rare will actually make a "genre evolution" with their Natal game remains to be seen, but I will remain optimistic until I have a reason to be dissapointed. It certainly won't be because some random guy on the internet posted some silly video and proclaimed Natal a failure, no if it fails in my eyes it will be because I had hands on with it and I personally didn't like the experience.

Also its not just Rare, alot of devs seem very excited about the opportunity to work with Natal in fact the only negative things I ever hear come from fanboys who ironicly don't matter anyway. If anybody here should be laughed at or pittied its you, because its terribly ovbvious you are motivated completely by your hate for microsoft which limits your enjoyment of gaming in general on all platforms while I just enjoy the best of what they all have to offer.

11 360s and counting3274d ago

Banjo with a M4 carbine and kazooie throwing grenades out his butt. Whatever!

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reintype3274d ago

Call me skeptical on all things Natal, but just this once, I'd like to be wrong for once.

It's just that, I cannot think of anyway to implement it on a FPS without a controller, unless it's on rails.

reintype3274d ago

If you have a better idea than a FPS on rails then enlighten me pls.

Unless of course you love to play Halo and Gears with your Granny like this?

3274d ago
KionicWarlord2223274d ago

Wonder if will see conker again ...

The beginning of that game was hilarious .

MaximusPrime3274d ago

say "go right" and xbox 360 decided to make coffee for you.

Eiffel3274d ago

Fake. I don't even see the Natal device anywhere in that video. Someone is obviously using a controller in the background. You're honestly a dipshit for thinking this is real. Quite funny.

MaximusPrime3274d ago

of course its fake.

its clear that Natel is going to be pointless for FPS. ok to control Monkey Ball games or snowboarding but FPS???

seriously, IMO Natel is not going to last long.

FiftyFourPointTwo3274d ago


You fail. You're a bigger dipsh*t if you think that I believed it was real. I just gave you an idea of what Natal FPS will look like. Stupid right? Just be sure to post your vid on youtube next year playing a Natal FPS. Can't wait for the lulz.

thor3274d ago

Yeah a lot of people missed the point of that video judging by the youtube comments... it's just showing that an FPS as we know and love them WOULD NOT WORK with Natal - and that's a statement of fact. It's impractical to use. You would need to build a workaround - either use Natal for smaller, insignificant features and use a controller for the most part, or put the whole game on rails and use your hand like a lightgun.

Eiffel3274d ago

So you're giving an idea of what it will look like despite no one knows what it will look like when the product finalizes.

Yeah smart lingo there dipshit.

FiftyFourPointTwo3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )


You said it yourself dipsh*t. It's just an "idea".
Want to see another vid how Natal will make millions look stupid next year?
Stupid right? If it doesnt look stupid to you then post a video of you playing Natal when it comes out. Mmmkay?

P.S. Your name "Eiffel" doesnt suit you. Kindly change it to "I fail". kthxbai

Eiffel3274d ago

"P.S. Your name "Eiffel" doesnt suit you. Kindly change it to "I fail". kthxbai "

Way to be the 100th douchebag to get the joke.

Gabe EatsWell3274d ago

Just ignore the guy. Late next year will surely be a time where bots regret they highly anticipated Failtal. :D

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scruffy_bear3274d ago

Perfect Dark would be awesome, can't wait to see what Rare come up with

The BS Police3274d ago

Perfect Dark Zero was bad enough, the last thing we need is another mediocre Perfect Dark entry for Natal.

General Pinky3274d ago

i like perfect dark was not that bad...maybe thats just me...but i had fun playing the story..tho..

ape0073274d ago

is nothing compared to the legendary n64 game,any great gamer will agree

it's just a decent game sticked with a legendary name

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