Games That Will Scare Your Pants Off: Silent Hill 2

It is not very often that a game like Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams comes along to both surprise and scare the living daylights out of gamers. Silent Hill 2 had everything; characters that were interesting, grotesque villains, and the scariest setting known to the survival horror genre.

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NateNater3338d ago

Speaking of scary games, does anyone know if Dead Space is scary? Does it belong up there with silent hill, fatal frame, resident evil, and all those other horror games? I was thinking about picking it up because its only $20 now.

BYE3338d ago

Yes it is scary. Especially if you play at night and you have a decent sound system. The soundwork is amazing in this game.

Also, try Siren: Blood Curse if you haven't already.

NateNater3338d ago

Alright thanks. Ill definitely be picking it up then and I might check out Siren too. Is that on a disc or psn?

itchy183338d ago

dead space was awesome! you should definitely pick that one up!

dgroundwater3338d ago

I played Dead Space with headphones, and didn't get really scared. Play it on the harder difficulty to ramp up the dread though. Less ammo always means more fear!

rockleex3338d ago

But in terms of scariness is more like the old Resident Evils, nothing as scary as Silent Hill.

BYE3338d ago


Siren is available on both but I recommend getting the disc. It's usually cheaper than the PSN version.

whothedog3338d ago

I had some crazy a** dreams because of this game. Loved to play it before I fell asleep.

ButterToast3337d ago

it's fun but it's not scary.

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mrv3213338d ago

And if I play with my pants off (don't ask) then what?

NateNater3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Then it will simply scare the Sh!t out of you. And you'll have some cleaning up to do.

Suggestion, Game with pants on.

mrv3213338d ago

Pants vs Laminate, which costs more...

SupaPlaya3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

bring a hot chick home then have her play the game. That way both of your pants will be off.

While you are at it, ask her to make you a Jill sandwich :P

Kamikaze83338d ago

Man, I remember how scary this game was back in the day.

GLoRyKnoT3338d ago

SH2 is GR8! but, the 1st will always b my fav.

FiftyFourPointTwo3338d ago

Agreed. Good old days, I was like 12 when I first played SH1 and I really had sleeping problems for weeks because of it.
Fatal Frame 2 is my next favorite horror game after SH 1 & 2.

Ramin1233338d ago

I kinda want to get back to all the old survival horror greats and see if they're any good. Particularly Fatal Frame, thought Silent Hill is high on my list even though I don't have a PS2....hmm might look into getting one

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The story is too old to be commented.