CasualGamerChick - Solitaire: Deck of Cods Review

CGC writes: "Solitaire: Deck of Cods is a great Solitaire game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The main feature that sets this game apart from other solitaire games is the theme of the game. The game has a fishing theme. As players are solving the Solitaire board, they are catching fish. Each level has a set goal that does not involve clearing the entire board. Some times players have to catch a certain amount of fish, while other times players have to catch a certain length fish and still other times players have to do both.

There are many different types of Solitaire games and really any game a player plays by themselves with cards is considered a Solitaire game. In Solitaire: Deck of Cods players have to use the face up card to "count" using the cards on the board. In other words, if there is a four face up players can use a five or a three to place on top of the four and keep going up or down from there. The longer the game play continues, the bigger the fish the player is catching. There is a draw pile for when there are no more cards in sequence."

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