Sony will announce GOW 3 UK demo plans in due course

The US will get access to the God of War 3 demo when they purchase the Blu-ray release of District 9, but what about the UK? Well Sony has told us that this is for the US only, but it will announce plans for the GOW 3 demo in the UK soon.

"That's for the US only. We'll announce our plans for the GOW 3 demo in due course." said a spokesperson.

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Optical_Matrix3307d ago

That's nice...I'll be playing GOWIII tomorrow at Eurogamer Expo so...weheyyyy ;)

Rampaged Death3307d ago

I played it yesterday at the Eurogamer Expo. It's the E3 demo but it is awesome !! It was the best game at the expo and no doubt it will be one of the best games released next year.