Dragon Age: Circle Tower trailer released

The first reviews are already aviable and the press speaks about the "RPG of the decade" but most players are still waiting for Dragon Age: Origins. As it seems, Bioware knows that and so they released another trailer.

The video shows the Circle Tower, where the magicians do their work. But the trailer also says that this magic-place is not positive at all since it is also some kind of prison.

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Timesplitter143033d ago

I'm excited for the game but that was kinda lame

NecrumSlavery3033d ago

This game looks really awesome. So there's no CO-op? it seems like co-op would be perfect

NegativeCreepWA3033d ago

I know I was really hoping for co-op the game would be perfect for it.

Enate3033d ago

Co-op is exactly what me an my friend said it needed to.

thegood333033d ago

Nah, co-op is good sometimes, like for Gears of War, but for a 100 plus hour RPG I'll stick with solo play.

Ps_alm3k3033d ago

and my grandma said the same thing.....We need co-op!!!

rdgneoz33033d ago

Cool grandmother you have there :P

And the game does look sick, a little co-op would make it even better.

Marcus Fenix3033d ago

my grandmother will be getting this game over MW2 coz she is so pissed 4 the lack of dedicated servers.

corneliuscrust3033d ago

i'm seriously confused as to why this game is getting so much hype?

the graphics look like a throwback to 3 years ago, gameplay looks bland.

Cant tell much from a trailer, but I LOVE western style RPGs and I was hoping this game would be a lot more than what it seems to be. Just IMO we'll see how it does upon release but I think Bioware took a massive leap backwards with this one, even the first mass effect looks 10 times better and more polished.