Videogameszone: Tekken 6 Review

Videogameszone reviewed the new Beat'em-Up Tekken 6.

- Nice graphics with considerable effects and animations
- Interactive arenas are finite + endless items for the individual design of your fighters

- boring campaign mode
- The massive dragon Azazel is an incredibly difficult end boss

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Pennywise3060d ago

I love how difficulty is a con.... God forbid you have to hone your skills before beating the game.

I wish scrubs would stop reviewing games.

3060d ago
PotNoodle3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )


"Tekken will always be my favorite fighting series.My friend bought the wireless arcade stick bundle and I can't wait to go to his house and play it,I'm glad games are becoming more difficult like the good old days.I just wish more games would continue on this route instead of being dumbed down for the COD4 audience. "

Please don't speak in binary, it takes up too much room.

Pennywise3060d ago

lmao... Conversation in binary yesterday created a monster!