Modern Warfare 2: Walmart TV Spot Emerged

Walmart has been released it's official TV promotion for Modern Warfare 2.

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coolcole933310d ago

Because what's better than gameplay? That's right, two unfunny people talking!

Delta3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

LOL Wal-mart is a failure. (at video game Ads)

whitesoxfalife3310d ago

I like the commercial actually u guys missed the between lines message didn't you.... u mean to tell me u not gonna call ya friend to talk smack......hell i got a friend who will call me about how he gone beat me in madden10 from time to time its our competitive walmart is addressing the M rated .......they did it right do u see a gamestop commercial yet... it even toss in a white lie about him getting the game early cuz walmart knows this will be huge release.....

Delta3310d ago

I got it. Its just i prefer Gameplay over this.