The New New Xbox Experience

With each new update, our consoles increase their relevance in our multimedia rich 21st Century lifestyles. The preview for the next XBox Live Update released last weekend and GamerZines has been checking it out to see how it's going to contribute to our information-rich, time-poor times.

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WildArmed2943d ago

So from what I've gathered, Twitter is probably gonna get a smear campaign like it did for Uncharted 2. You know.. the media has gotta say something right?

But I'm disappointed to see that Facebook is a seperate app for the most part. So the only advantage would be to add your friends that have an XBL account via facebook. It would have been fun to see an auto-matic update going when your logged into to Live playing multiplayer on x-game.. so hop in!

Waldex_Encore2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Lol yeah right!

The only new experience the xbots are gonna get is M$ taking EVEN MORE money from their parents pockets

chrisulloa2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Lol, cry moar. At least Microsoft is bringing us AAA titles non-stop this holiday season, with a little help from our subscription money of course. The only thing you got is UC2. We're getting/have gotten GTA Liberty City Stories, Forza 3, L4D2 and not to mention Marketplace/Twitter.

waltercross2942d ago

Do you even know how you sound?

Kamikaze1352942d ago

The new experience = apps that replace a browser because Microsoft is too cheap to release a browser for the 360?

Sarcasm2942d ago

They're probably working on it, and the tagline will be "Exclusive to Xbox360, Browse through the internet with Internet Explorer 8 only on the Xbox360! It's not available on any other console! (XBL Gold Membership required)"

thereapersson2942d ago

Pretty much what I've been saying all along.

cyberwaffles2942d ago

i doubt microsoft would allow a free web browser. it would compromise the whole XBL market place since people would just go to sites like most PC users to download their movies and tv shows.

i don't see microsoft being so lenient with something that could jeopardize their sales; especially since they removed disc-based backwards compatibility to force you to buy their xbox original on-demand games.

takecontrol2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

You read too much into it like a PS3 fanboy chill out. These features are cool and the 360 acts like a extender to these services. Must people complain about everything?

I read your comments and your bio and you seem like a PS3 fanboy that jumped in...


Adding any type of Browser on the 360 would hurt sales of other Microsoft products. Why would they go through the trouble adding half assed browsers on consoles?

Browsers on consoles have so far been a waste of time I can't stand them.

Do you wan't to allow plug-in
Do you wan't to allow plug-in
Do you wan't to allow plug-in
Do you wan't to allow plug-in
Do you wan't to allow plug-in
Do you wan't to allow plug-in

*Why is this so slow!?!?!?!?!*


*Uses Ipod browser for viewing pics because console browser is so crappy I can't make out what I'm looking at*

Corepred42942d ago

talk about fanboy! lmao. i think when you use the word fanboy to refer the fans as much as you do it automatically puts you in the Microsoft fanboy category. I won't deny it, I'm a Sony fan. but not a fanboy.

Kamikaze1352942d ago


^^All of these things have web browsers.

Sarcasm2942d ago

The PS3's web browser is decent and could be better. But hey, we're not paying for it so what does it matter?

takecontrol2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Most of those options are garbage the Cell phone and the Ipod/Zune browsers are better than the ones in the PS3 and Wii.

No one is stressing over a lack of a browser in the 360. Who in the hell actually uses PS3 to surf? the browser is so crappy it defeats the purpose.

You posted your list for nothing none of those companies making those products sell OS with their own Browsers built in and if they do they don't have consoles on the market as a possible option for consumers to buy a game console for the internet vs one of their OS.

Corepred42942d ago

sorry man but your a moron. and obviously you haven't used the ps3 browser in a long time! it works nearly perfectly. it's not the fastest but i can compare it to the speed of dsl. i use it all the time to go to movie website and watch a movie when i don't feel like downloading or streaming it. please shut up you sound stupid. no one ever stresses anything the xbox 360 doesn't have/do. well at least not sheep like you.

ThanatosDMC2941d ago

IE on the 360 might be a bad idea though. I'm sure they could make a browser specific to the 360... just not IE and i bet people would be happy.

PSP also has a browser.

PS3 browser is fine, just refresh if a flashplayer doesnt work properly.

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