Classic moments in gaming: Nintendo's unveiling of N64/Super Mario 64

Time for a throwback to ye olde 90s; someone's managed to track down these Nintendo 64/Super Mario 64 first unveiling videos from E3 1996. Essentially this was the exact moment gaming went 3D. Crazy times!

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Cold 20003246d ago ShowReplies(3)
HolyOrangeCows3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Best Console Ever.

The presentation must have been shocking for those who first saw it.
Clean attractive 3D graphics, mario was pulling all sorts of new moves...

darthv723246d ago

but certainly one of the best. I find myself playing paper mario from time to time. It hold up pretty well. Wipeout64, ridge racer 64 are quite good compared to the ps1 originals.

SuperStrokey11233246d ago

Man i loved sm64, I can still go back to it and enjoy it to this day. Really good game.

Applegate3246d ago

Nintendo used to be the sh*t back then !

SpitFireAce853245d ago

what the graphical leap will be next gen considering
how much it changed 1996-2006 imagine what it will
be like in 2016-2020.

SuperStrokey11233245d ago

I bet its actually rather small, we are approach a point of limited returns on technology changes. I think we will see some obviously but once it gets to photo realistic, which will happen in not too long, there is little point in making any further changes to hardware unless you get some new kind of gameplay features like 3D or something more interactive.