GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Now Available on Xbox Live

The final Grand Theft Auto IV add-on The Ballad of Gay Tony is now available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Ldubbz3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Mine is downloading as we speak. And fellow gamers out there, if you wanna avoid MS' inane points system, since there is no way on LIVE to purchase just 1600 points, go to and you can buy exactly 1600 points for $20, and you get a code to redeem on the Xbox. Simple, though it could be simpler...ahem, MS...

Whats funny is the games in the Games on Demand section are bough with cash, not points. But everything else is points-based. What gives MS? I understand the points system was devised as a way to keep credit card transactions down, and to make it easy to gift points or buy them for your kids so they dont have your credit card to play around with and can get stuff on LIVE...but c'mon already! C'mon!!!

But then again, since you can now buy game codes on for the exact price rather than points, there's really nothing to gripe about.

And I doubt its a coincidence that the top selling Xbox 360 item right now is the 1600 points

JasonPC360PS3Wii3335d ago

Very true but I kinda like 2,000 points gives me some left over to buy map packs or xna arcade games.

nix3335d ago

i really wanna know who are downloading this DLC.. q:

JasonPC360PS3Wii3335d ago

People who own Xbox 360's and love GTA. PS3 owners will just have to watch the vids on youtube and b!tch and moan about it on N4G.

nix3335d ago

do i even sound like i want this game? lol. go play your DLC. i'm sure you'll come back here and claim that it is as big as a complete game. don't tell your parents about the name of the game though. just a suggestion.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

This "DLC" is longer than Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Killzone 2, R&C, and longer than MGS4 when you take out all the movies :D it's ok though you can start up another dream "GTA IV DLC comming to PS3?" blog or just shout Agent Agent Agent and dream of GTA V being exclusive to the PS3. No matter what it's all dreams because you don't get any of these GTA episides. Now head on over to youtube and start drooling over somthing you can never have. OH sweet just did my first base jump and landed it perfect on the truck. See you later in GTA IV DLC multiplayer... oh wait no I wont :D

Jamie Foxx3335d ago

he really thinks this DLC is something special like uncharted 2, NOONE CARES not even 360 owners

ShabzS3335d ago

360 owners care man ... everyone that loved gta 4 cares.. its a good game... what's the deal?

nix3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

ha ha.. jason, i never liked GTAIV to begin with (you can check my previous comments) so you can keep the game. i think you're really desperate with your comments. i know i know... after getting two games Halo ODST and Gay Tony (both of them DLC) back to back, not to forget the Forza 3 which is nothing but Forza 2.1, i can understand your frustration.

and thanks for buying the DLC, that money will go to R* to make, you know, Agent and L.A. Noire.

Hopefully, one day i'll see you later in Uncharted 2 - THE FULL GAME and the highest rated exclusive - multiplayer... oh wait.. i won't. q:

JasonPC360PS3Wii3335d ago

"NOONE CARES not even 360 owners" We know you care... I mean don't care (rolls eyes) because here you are commenting on somthing "you don't care about" (rolls eyes again) and you're right 360 owners don't care about high scoring AAA game content that is getting high praise on every review site. 9.2 4.5 from a pro Sony mag :D 9 10

No one ever said droids were smart and we all know you whine the gaming world to death. because we all know you need to sop up some of those tears :D

GTA IV DLC going to the PS3 rumor blogs starting in
1... because we all know "you don't care" keep those dreams alive droids. Maybe if you dream it hard enough this may go to the PS3 like L4D, Mass Effect and Splinter Cell.

"NOONE CARES not even 360 owners" how stupid can you be?

nix3335d ago

Jason.. why are you commenting here so regularly? is the game sorry.. DLC over already?

Jamie Foxx3335d ago

and sometimes you think you can help misguided deluded trolls from shrekking but you would have thought i would have learnt by now

keep shrekking

kevinx10003335d ago

the lost and damned was one of the most downloaded DLC's ever. this one's even better so you can keep hoping that jason and me are the only ones that will get it but just look at the sales next week

deadreckoning6663335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Im not saying Jason 360 is right and Im not saying hes wrong. What i will say is this: Why r people who "claim" not to be interested in this DLC even here?

I only own a PS3 and I can easily admit that I wanna play it. Gay Tony goes back to the glory days of GTA, when it was about over-the-top action. If ur not interested in this, then ur NOT a GTA fan and if ur NOT a GTA fan, then u should ask urself why ur gaming.

Megaton3335d ago

"Now head on over to youtube and start drooling over somthing you can never have."

I lol'd. He can never have it huh? Are you gonna follow him around and stop him from buying a 360? Maybe he already owns one. Uh oh, you better get over to his house and make sure he isn't browsing the XBL store for it. You retarded fanboys are too much sometimes. Gloating about a mass-produced item you bought. Congrats, you spent $20, go wild.

AliTheBrit193335d ago

haha jason360 just owned nix

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LTC3335d ago

Gay Tony is waiting for u

Stinger_2093335d ago

bots remember to wear condoms

Jamie_C_UK3335d ago

Ill have to message komp to see if he has any free codes for this. I know he is giving away Liberty City Stories at the moment.

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