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Feral Gamer3253d ago

With the larger screen size, won't the games look even more pixelated? I didn't read anything about a resolution increase, only size. What about the console footprint? Will that increase as well?

Madusha3253d ago

Just a slightly bigger screen? They should of added in a few extra features as well.

The Great Melon3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

@Feral Gamer

Yeah, I brought that up yesterday with the rumor post. Although the screen is bigger the resolution stays the same causing a blurrier image. Although that is a small effect in this case, I am still unsure if I would go for the smaller or larger screen because of that.

Even now I would prefer the old lite versus the DSi because it still retains the Gameboy advance slot (I am all about backwards compatibility). Regardless, any of these models look ten times better than my old launch DS. That thing is ugly in comparison to anything Nintendo puts out lately.


Actually with that cordovan plastic and the nice stylus, I must admit that I find this DS very aesthetically pleasing. Nintendo bring the DSi LL with that color over because I just might buy this.

toaster3253d ago

Good point! Remember on the GameBoy Advance and the GBA Sp when you tried to play Gameboy Games There was an option to stretch the image or keep it in its original resolutioN? If you stretched it then it would be all blurry and in most cases unplayable, but if you kept it at the same resolution it looked fine. You could switch it on the fly with the R button( I think, this is way back and my memory kinda sucks).

Hopefully Nintendo will encorprate something like this into the new DS so that all the games wouldn't look all pixelated and it could keep the original resolution of the first DS games.
And then they could use the NEW resolution in the newer games!! I have no doubts that Nintendo has plans to fully utilize the new larger screen because, well. look at the Wii. Crappy graphics doesn't equal bad games.

I think Nintendo is just milking out the DS now. Fortunately, I love milk.

The Great Melon3253d ago


Good point to bring up, but I don't think they would pursue that option if the pixel count is the same as the original DS though. Gameboy Advance games required a higher resolution than Gameboy games so that option was possible and they thankfully added it (I used that feature all the time). The DSi LL likely won't include that because it still plays the same games as a regular DS.

However one can hope that they just add more pixels and expand the functionality of the device beyond the default capabilities of the older devices.

toaster3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

If you pop in Diablo 2 and set it to its max resolution, you would have stretched pixels or pixels that fit that resolution of your monitor but size of the pixel would be on a different scale. (Resolution is based on a pixel)

So if you stretch the image of the older games to fit the resolution of the newer DS, the pixels would occupy more space, IE, if you have a 10 by 10 pixel resolution size, and you have an image that is 5 by 5, each pixel would take up 2 pixels to fit into the larger resolution.

Older games would just be blockier, so Nintendo will have to upgrade their unreleased games to fit this pixel count. IF it's being bumped up in the first place. Resolution is just how many pixels occupy a certain space.

EDIT. Damn.. i edited my reply and accidently deleted about half of what i typed in the beginning. I just shortened it anyways.

gaffyh3253d ago

This is ridiculous, what's the point of buying a DSi, if a year later they make one with bigger screens, why didn't they just wait and release this hardware.

Shang-Long3252d ago

250,000 in one month prob more

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ReviewsArePolitics3253d ago

I won't ever buy a DSi, I am happy with my DS Lite, and I will be happy until Nintendo releases a true next-generation handheld.

3sq3253d ago

It's very wise thing you are doing.

Samer3053253d ago

Nintendo are the kings of rehashes and shovel ware.
They will milk everyone because they can and people end up buying it.
At least some people here see that.

crck3253d ago

I would actually consider this if I didn't already have enough systems and too many games with too little time to play.

Arsenal4Ever3253d ago

I'll stick with my Dslite thank you very much.

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