G4TV: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Preview

Get a preview of the multiplayer modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when Adam Sessler talks to Todd Alderman, Lead Multiplayer Designer, about gameplay, weapons and more.

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jhooty143129d ago

drooling as date draws near

heheheh yet uncharted 2 is keeping me busy :)

The_Count3129d ago

Got an email from GAME because of the Postal Strikes in the UK they are dispatching my order earlier and with a courier for free. How awesome is that. :)

Greywulf3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

This looks Identical to MW.

(takes off ps3 eyes)

ZOMG look at the baked lighting.. and.. breaking glass.. and.. ..

...uhm.. the.. model detail...and gen... well the first one was graphics king, so ...

MW2 is sure to be a fun game, but the first one definitely raised a few bars this one apparently isn't capable of doing.

theEnemy3128d ago

The game is looking better and better.

50% Day 1.

50% Day 2.


Delta3129d ago

Looks fun. hopefully it is what they say it is.

Immigrant3129d ago

cant wait fi start buss it up

Halo3 MLG Pro3129d ago

OMG! This game is going to absolutely rape!

Lord_Ranos3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I think you say that cause either you havent played a good game since November 2008 or you dont have a PS3 or a good PC.

Tjtroublemaker3129d ago

or maybe he just thinks the game is going to be good...ever thought of that instead of trying to bash the 360?

mrv3213129d ago

MLG's comment

'Many big developers have stated the excitement that NATAL will bring into the gaming arena including MGS's maestro Hideo Kojima and the legendary Peter Molyneux. The Eyetoy hasn't received any excitement or most importantly.... support. The only game I can think of that used the eyetoy was that craptacular Eye of Judgement.'

So he just compared a 2 year old camera to a product realising next year? He also forgot to mention how media outlets have said Natal isn't as accurate or it's smoke a mirrors but hey, Fanboys are ignorant.

So what about that Microsoft vision cam that was popul... oh wait. Sony supports it's products and not leaves them dead in the water.

PS2 vs Xbox
Microsoft vision camera vs PSeye
Microsoft first party vs Sony's first party
Sony support their products... it's just how it is.

mrv3213129d ago

Destructable Windows...

ermm 2007 called they want their 'new' stuff pack.

I'm sorry for comparing COD: MW 2 to another FPS... how unfair of me.

Seriously though, look at Bad Company 1 and that's destruction and people complained their wasn't enough then.

bigrudowsky3129d ago

High destruction environments dont really suit this game. The maps arent really big enough.

mrv3213129d ago

But still, he's bragging almost about destruction. It would be like inFAMOUS 2 dev bragging about day and night cycles in their new game :P

Greywulf3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Bad Company was applauded for having destructible that MW2 looks just like MW, well "GRAPHICS DONT MATTER!!"!"!"!& amp; quot; Yet they were bragged about last year.. side by side comparisons were done.

I love good gameplay + innovation + second to none graphics. MW2 isn't capable of doing this.

Much like Bioshock 1.5, which was once the graphics king... people stop talking about the super amazing visuals and try to hype up the gameplay...

Yet those same people with the "graphics dont matter" attitude, were the main ones declaring MW the graphics king.

I mean, we all know why theres this approach to pretend graphics no longer matter, and it has something to do with Uncharted2, GT5p & Killzone2 being the most advanced games known to the console world.

heres a question, when have GRAPHICS without Gameplay ever mattered? Because no one in the history of gaming has ever said Graphics out pace gameplay.

raztad3129d ago


However is quite funny to see some xfans dancing and parting because LoT verdict was that their version is the "superior" in a zoomed in comparison of multiplat games.

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