Reinventing Fantasy

Alexander Brandon writes:

The fantasy genre by definition within the greater category of fiction is perhaps the most limitless subject imaginable. Science fiction? Yep, there are rules. Hard sci-fi? Forget it. You're lost. Fantasy? Go nuts. Do anything you like.

When Tolkien and others kickstarted the fantasy phenomenon into a greater market, followed (sorry for the broad sweeping generalizations) by Dungeons and Dragons, and in perhaps a full circle promotion of the genre the LOTR films, it has been gaining steam ever since.

However as most of us are aware, "high fantasy" as it is called has been used a LOT. My God is it used a lot. Elves, dwarves, and dragons are characters we all know and love, but they're also getting a little boring. To some, a lot boring.

So folks are scrambling for the next big fantasy style. I could ramble on about Planescape, Spelljammer and the forays made by pen and paper, but this is a video game expert blog, so let's try to stick with that media for now.

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