Gran Turismo 5's Weather Conditions Still in Limbo

Yamauchi comments on dynamic weather and lighting conditions in latest interview.

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WildArmed3308d ago

ugh. So either its perfect or no weather conditions eh?
Well, I guess some perfectionists exist for the better of the world lol

but on a side note: Perfectionists also are the biggest procrastinators.


I'm really shocked that they're not feature locked yet, what was the delay till march 2010 for if not to ensure enough time to impliment features like this. Its not like they haven't had enough time already, they've been developing it for five years! Come on PD pull your finger out and stop standing around changing your mind all the time about what you are/aren't putting in the damn game. If they screw me over next year with a sh!t game my love for the GT series will evaporate.

Projekt7tuning3308d ago

I want this game to come out perfect and all because, im having a lot of fun with forza now and cant wait for GT5. Im just so afraid this is going to end up delaying it again. How bad would that suck for all of us racing sim fans if they decide to delay it till next x-mas season?
I want this game to come out perfect because the 2 racing franchises are 2 of my favorite games, but damn I just hope it dose not have to delay it for any long length of time. Im sure they were paying attention to how forza sold in Japan, and now want to make sure its perfect before release. It seems like Japan is really wanting a good racing sim.

Chubear3308d ago

What do you guys mean by delayed again? GT5 hasn't never been delayed and it's kind of a first for the series cause it's notorious for being delayed in past gens.

Projekt7tuning3308d ago

@ 1.3
I was referring to it being a slim possibility. Not a probability. Your right they have not said anything about a delay, I was just saying that i hope that it dose not cause them any issues that would cause a delay.

StanLatMarveldotCom3308d ago

I really hope this game isn't delayed. March is the most solid release period we've had. I'm sure they'll get it done.

rockleex3308d ago

"We are constantly experimenting with weather and lighting conditions, and such things. If we had, we might feel tomorrow integrate into the game."

I guess he's saying they could always update it with a patch to include dynamic weather/day and night cycles if those don't make it in on time.

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swiftshot933308d ago

Understandable. Like the article says, the weather and day/night is either compromising other parts of the game (framerate, online stability, visual glitches etc..) or these features dont stack up to the rest of the game (Its not realistic, the lighting is off etc...)

I personally would LOVE these features, but I would sacrifice nothing to have the game run well.

WildArmed3308d ago

exactly. I would not have the game delayed for this.
Rather they can implement it via an update later if wanted. (they can put all the data they have on the system on the disc already.. so once they tweak it out enough a small patch to enable it)

Cueil3308d ago

they shouldn't delay the game because of these small things... if it's a problem it's something that should be worked out for the next game

mastiffchild3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I disagree. Weather is the single most important variavle that agamrage has little control over in racing in real life. A change from dry to wet conditions is a massive change and would give each tack a million new possibilities and test your skill amazingly from chooing the right tyre and suspension set up to actually dribing thwe course in new conditions.

It's also the exact kind of thing I'd expected not just GT to manage this generation but also Forza. Rather than fancy and beautiful interior biews this is the kind of hyper relevant(to racing/driving) issue and feature they should be putting in. No weather is a poor state of affairs, imo, for any game wishing to be a simulator of any kind in this genre an at this time. I realise they're very perfection is in their ways which I agree with basically but I fear if this and the day/night cycle(another important race changer)are left out then they prioritised incorrectly as there are many th9ngs(damage included) that I would rather they'd left out in favour of getting something so integral right for us.

Conditions changing before andduring a race might mean all orts of gameplay options and decisions about how you race on that particular occasion. With no weather shanged every race round a track will use the exact same set up and would take much awayu fromthe possible experience and wouldmean missing out on a feature that adds amazing depths of realism to any driving sim or race game. And why have 24 hour races without day/night included? Le Mans in total sunlight? No thanks, what's the point?

T10 messed up royally and should, imo, have been hammered in the media for saying their "definitive" sim was ever that with no dynamic weather included-I just think it's something we should expect with today's tech and certainly something the boasts of T10 would suggest they had in F3's locker. GT5 is doing even worse without including this stuff given their protracted dev time on this game.

Yeas, bu all means make it the best looking game ever AND give us all the possibleview options whatever their coding costmay be just DO NOT do it at the expense of something that would add ten fold to the realism of the game)s). Honestly, I don't think this is that much to ask in this day and age an also not after it's taken PD more time to come up with a near perfect game in other, less meaningful ways.

Is it just me who believes that weather is a very big deal for drivers-even just in everyday life it's what changes your driving technique the most so it HAS to start being in games like this all the time AND done well enough to pose problem and rewrd for gamers beyond them loading up the usual settings on any given track. Why would any of them want this so low down the list of features to get fixed in this game? Seems a no brainer to get right AND make sure it's in the finished game.

Honestly, this stuff is the really important stuff and not how many different paint jobs are possible n F3 or how accurate the dribing gloves and gear stick knobs look in GT5's interior views. From a drivers pov surely these aren't as vital as getting working weather added to the game.

Hoping like mad they do get this, what should be a shoe in feature for ANY driving simwith any kind of amnition of raising the realism level of their game this generation, in there and done really well. Without it there'll really feel like something's badly wrong with the decision making processes at both T10 AND PD. Rant over and hope wavering over getting a proper, full featured GT this generation as well as the hope of Greenawalt and Co behaving in a way which doesn't make them look like fools.

Ravage273307d ago

unfortunately, thanks to those critics, damage is now going to be of higher priority...

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Delta3308d ago

As long as theres no more delays im fine.

Neo6043308d ago

that the closest you'll ever get to drive those 800hp super cars up to 400km/h.
plus you'll get to check out the interier of those cars.

Halo3 MLG Pro3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

PGR5 has awesome weather conditions. Hurry up and catch up Yamauchi.

saint_john_paul_ii3308d ago

they don't change in real time, do they?

Ninjamonkey3308d ago

GT5 though has graphics and physics which are far, far superior. Your comparing an arcade racer to a sim racer.

I would love to see dynamic eather in the game, though if theyre just putting this on top of everything else then they might just find that there just isnt the avaiable power to do it all.

Maybe this is something they should have integrated into the game from the get go?

N4G king3308d ago

"Hurry up and catch up Yamauchi"

its the other way around
all those driving games out there are trying to catch up with GT
nice try to stealth troll but yet again
you fail

Noob3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

PGR4 ran at 30fps, the framerate wasn't consistent when weather conditions were on, and the game isn't even in HD(540P). Graphics were average at best, ok for an arcade racer. Also, lets not forget all that motion blur they used to hide the jaggies. The weather addition was nice and I wouldn't mind seeing it in GT but they have to get it right.

I think you meant PGR4 btw.

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