First Screens and Video 'Dracula: The Path of the Dragon'

No Dpad:

Another point-and-click adventure game will be coming to the iPhone named Dracula: The Path of the Dragon, and this one takes place in the year 1920. The storyline is as follows:

The year is 1920. You begin your investigation of Dr. Martha Calugarul in the village of Vladoviste, half-destroyed in World War I. On the hillside sits the Castle of Twilight, the famed home of Vlad the Impaler. Father Arno–not being knowledgeable of the ways of the vampire–begins to track a mysterious figure he believes is responsible for evil deeds in the area. He realizes later, that he is inadvertently walking the path of the dragon. As you solve puzzles based on medicine, history, and the occult, you'll uncover the mystery of the dragon and of the vampires.

This is definitely promising for adventure game fans including those that absolutely loved Myst and The Secret of Monkey Island. We'll have more information once they become available, but check out the game trailer along with some newly released screenshots.

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