A look back at the NES and its pirated games (Video)

GoNintendo's Rinry takes a look back at the NES to dive into the world of pirated games back from the 80s.

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Montrealien2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

That was awesome! I had a 781 games in one! lol

I actually got most of those compilations in rom form now. And those famicom converters where great, I had a mario 3 famicom version with one, first time I ever heard the famicom name was when I got that SMB 3 famicom cart.

SSJSubgeta2942d ago

Sure does bring back memories.

Elvfam5112942d ago

Mario and Duck Hunt are my favs

bigshynepo2942d ago

I wanna find a girl that knows this much about early console piracy. Gaming Girls = Major Turn On! :D

ZombieAutopsy2942d ago

yea but they have to have little girl voices like the chicks in the video, and they have to be good looking.