PSN exclusive Gravity Crash dated for November

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Earlier today, independent studio Just Add Water announced their upcoming PSN title Gravity Crash will be making it's debut in November.

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playstation1233187d ago

The exclusives just keep on coming. Cmon Xbox what do you got "crickets........halo 10"

WildArmed3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

keep your pants on mr. extra-money-you-can-save-if-yo u-switched-to-geico ^_^
Its just an PSN title.
I want PJ shooter more though

playstation1233187d ago

No, actually you can save money by switching to psn. Pixel junk shooter should be good. And Castle Crashers that we stole from the bots.

WildArmed3187d ago

lmfao. Now your avatar makes alot more sense.

Any news on Braid?

saint_john_paul_ii3187d ago

ik can always see my money i saved right next to my PS3, smiling at me :)