Bioshock 2 Introduces Capture the Sister Multiplayer Mode

2K Games has announced an interesting new multiplayer gameplay mode for Bioshock 2 called "Capture the Sister" that adds a Capture the Flag-styled match with Little Sisters as a substitute to flags throughout the map.

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WildArmed2969d ago

Do flags run? Can you harvest the flags >.< You know... coz thats like totally awesome

KionicWarlord2222969d ago

THis is the bomb .

Like shaq says

ShabzS2969d ago

haha... now where them kids at ?!

KionicWarlord2222969d ago


Dont fear shbzahar because......


drdistracto7072969d ago

the multiplayer is starting to grow on me with bioshock 2

my ONLY gripe is the big daddy suit. Big daddies need their skin GRAFTED to the suit, i just dont see how it works well as a pickup at all!!!!

it would make more sense to dedicate an entire game mode to the big daddy, like everyone vs him in the suit or something

rdgneoz32969d ago

Win the game by kidnapping little kids? Sweet!

WildArmed2969d ago

lol. A game that everyone can enjoy! (even pedos -.- )