Game Nutz Podcast: Episode 18

StickyNugget and Boter argue for the DS Lite while FearTheClaw plays devil's advocate. Listen in to see how that conversation went. Afterwards, they discuss what could make Too Human 2 good and how Ubisoft as a publisher in general, plus Forza Motorsport, seem to be overtaking their respective competitions (no pun intended). Then it's more speculation on what they'd want in the upcoming Xbox Live Rewards program and talking about a few more upcoming sequels, Assassin's Creed 2 and Kane and Lynch 2.

The podcast falls a bit short this week; recording wasn't paused when a customer called (and got the answering machine and called again); a fair amount of dead time has been trimmed, but we were seconds away from our software cutting us off at 35 minutes.

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