Is Video Gaming Finally Reaching Maturity?

VGSensation writes: "I cannot decide whether gaming and all its cultural hold on millions of people around the world can be much more than a 13 year-old barely adolescent male it is. Can it be the buisnessman it wants to be without being laughed at for being to serious?"

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WildArmed3334d ago

With games like Assasin's Creed II, Dragon Age, heavy rain incorporating nude scene/sex scenes.. sure.. if thats how you wanna measure the maturity of the gaming industry.

Imo, gaming matured around MGS time. The story plot was thick wtih heaps of social-political message behind there.
To me, sex/nudity doesnt define maturity of the industry. It's more about how games reflect the world. If they are pure fantasy like zelda n Uncharted 2, then we are still in the jolly world of gaming.
Games like MGS4.. not so much in the jolly world anymore.

alphakennybody3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

you know what hasn't matured yet, the mentality of politics against gaming . Look at the L4D2 ban,hot coffee,jack tompson ( sorry if I didn't get the name rightbut ), one recent article about some group of people against MW2's terrorist level, etc.. the list goes on. It's those mentality holding gaming from maturing faster than it should've long ago.

Edit @ below My point was that not letting it on the loose like that but they should be at least more open with it while keeping a level of acceptance. Look at the real world look at how more vulgar it is, yet they cannot accept harmless games with bits of sex scene or violence, oh and aren't there already rape simulator games : Dating Sims?

WildArmed3334d ago

maybe, maybe not..
If there was nothing to keep gaming in check, next thing we know we are getting HD rape simulators -.- EXCLUSIVELY on next-gen HD consoles!

alphakennybody3334d ago

Now that I think of it, it apply more to us westerners way of thinking than the rest, look at all the games from the that haven't been released here at all. Personally Once I have kids I'd rather let them exercise violence through video game than letting'em beat some radom person in the real world.

WildArmed3334d ago

I'm not sure what games banning are you talking about.
To my knowledge no games have been banned in the west.. Australia yes.. I remember a few games getting banned when i used to live there.

Oh and I was just trying to make a point. I dont really remember any dating sims on consoles. Ofc, I may be wrong.

PC is another issue, and it probably has everything type of game you can imagine.

Likewise with the exercising of violence, but ofc letting them play a game like Bioshock in with you can get a hammer and smack people's face into the ground might be overboard.. but games like Devil May Cry.. Ninja Gaiden, COD4.. etc etc.

I just like to play the devil's advocate here and there.
Honestly I hate censorship in all forms. Censoring your child's life should be the parents business, not the damn government lol

alphakennybody3334d ago

Sorry if i went a bit overboard with all the banned games,but look at how many games had held back a lot of ideas to move stories, symbolize something in the games or add immersion because of a little nudity i.e heavy rain being edited for certain country and also dantes inferno also being reworked certain content to avoid the ban hammer. Like you said I too hate censoring in all forms because as an indiviual we should be able to have our personal choices without a group sticking its nose in

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