OXCGN Reviews Assassin's Creed Lineage 1 Film- The sins of the father

OXCGN looks at the new Assassin's Creed Movie and decides if it's any good:

"The sins of the father are visited upon the son…especially if those sins are to arrive too late to save someone and to be descended from a lineage of ruthless killer assassins.

Assassin's Creed Lineage (Part 1 of 3) is a short film using real actors and high production values released on Youtube and created by Hybride Studios, responsible for special effect work on the rather artistic films 300 and Sin City.

Ubisoft of course is getting us all pumped up for their second Assassin's Creed game, which takes place during the Renaissance in Italy."

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gaminoz3252d ago

I was really surprised at how good the first Lineage movie was. A lot of effort was put into it, so I hope we get a bigger than Youtube version when all 3 are out.

cornfedgamer3252d ago

Wow. I didn't realize Ubisoft was doing this. That is a pretty neat marketing idea to generate some buzz and deepen the game's mythology.

Godem3252d ago

I really want AC2 at launch, but I also wouldn't mind getting it for xmas.. hmmm

StarScream4Ever3252d ago

The first episode was a great start to pump up the hype on the game. I must admit I was surprised that it was about the father being the assassin before his son, Ezio. I am really looking forward to Episode 2. Really want to learn how the fictional event intertwined with actual event.

gaminoz3252d ago

I really like getting backstories too..usually you get them in comics with games, but websodes (like with the new Battlestar Galactica) is really cool.

cornfedgamer3252d ago

I also like back stories. And I think this cross-media presentation is a great idea.

But, I also like games that deliver great stories themselves. Why can't the back story be presented in the game? Does this give them a free pass to leave plot elements out of a game?

Silly Mammo3252d ago

I enjoyed the 1st one. I didn't realize it was the father that was the assassin either. I was thinking, they really found an old actor to play Eizo. :p

XboxOZ3603252d ago

If you recall from the Dev Diaries that have been out for a while now, teh game is about how Eizo is trying to get his Mother out of prison, and avenge the death of his father.

Remember, Eizo is a "reluctant" assassin's, being brought into it through the fact his father was murdered, forcing him to use his fathers gear and ideas, team up with Leonardo and use his machines like his father did.

Remember the sceen in the game trailer where he shots the official after chasing him?

Remember what that guy says regarding Eizo's mother . . ..

The game is much more than what it seems on the outside, it's far deeper than that, and the parts of the game trailer that are shot in real life, are also parts of the up coming parts 2 and part 3 of the movies.

Don't be surprised to see further iterations of the movie series, as the game will move forward, and most likely be using a female assassin in WW11 next time . . .

Again, David will be on this like hot butter on toast, all over it, so make sure you read all his items about the game, and the whole Assassin's creed history, even Ubisoft like what he has been doing, they told me so recently.

gaminoz3251d ago

@ Oz

I really hope they don't go so far forward in time in the next game to WW2. There are a lot more historically significant times both later and before AC2's Renaissance period. Part of the joy of playing the AC games is that they take place in historical times and settings not often visited before in games.

XboxOZ3603251d ago

Me to, I didhear that there was talk about one of the developers muttering about how they 'could have a female in say wwII etc" as a possible alternative, the reference was made with regards to someone asking how far will the game go . . .

So I suppose it could be that in a few games it could get to that period, as that would mean a HUGE jump in time if we went from the current situation, straight to WWII.

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