Warhawk Beta Pictures & Videos!

Over at PS3Forums, iLLuSionS has posted pictures of the installation of the Warhawk Public Beta and Gameplay videos that truly will please people who are doubting this game. Great game indeed, I have the beta and was playing it non-stop yesterday. Check the videos if your not a lucky one in the Beta.

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Lord Anubis3888d ago

this poor fellow doesn't know he will most likely be banned from the beta or PSN. Oh well, they will learn the hard way.

ER1X3888d ago

And now it will get approved here, further disrespecting the developers...sigh.

timmyp533888d ago

looks sweet but video quality is bad.

toughNAME3887d ago

who will complain about the cheap graphics..

Robotz Rule3887d ago

It's only a "beta"

Just look at the Halo 3 "beta"

The final versions of both games are going to play/look swell!

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