Breaking Down the Sex in Dragon Age: Origins

From Kotaku: "Dragon Age: Origins has got boinkin' - we knew that already. With copies out to reviewers, one guy has provided a mostly spoiler-free look at all the sex-having, which he says begins "around hour 60." So it's just like dating!"

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chak_3331d ago

I'm anxious.

I'm used to play girls in game (I prefer watching a girl's ass 60h than a man's but whatever).

i don't want to play the girl and have sex with a men, I hope I can do that..well... you know...the other way around :D

Tex1173331d ago

Im really not one for sex in games. It just seems so forced. Maybe it isin't this time...

In Heavy Rain, it actually seems to add to the game, but we shall see.

ClosingRacer3330d ago

to Tex117 if its like the sex scene in mass effect it doesn't look likes it's a forced sex scene you can in theory skip it and it would never happen...

PrimordialSoupBase3330d ago

Bioware's sense of sexuality is prepubescent nonsense.

Leathersoup3330d ago

Pretty much the only people who think sex in games is a good thing are kids. Most adults see it for what it is... a way to get kids to want to play your game.

MagicAccent3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Do you realize that you just accused BioWare of trying to sell sexually oriented material to children?

kraze073330d ago

The same thing can be said about violence in video games, doesn't make it true though. It's funny how some people think they're Professor X or some sh!t and know what everyone else thinks. Why would someone put sex in a game just to appeal to kids when the game would still be rated M?

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