PS2 turns nine, Sony says system's "life cycle will continue"

Gamertell has received an official response from Sony that indicates the company will continue to support the PS2 beyond the expected 10-year life cycle.

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NateNater3126d ago

Sony, you never cease to impress me. Thanks for all the support.

Saaking3126d ago

The best thing is, WE can expect this kind of support for the PS3. I don't know about the 360, but Sony has had an excellent record and I'm sure the PS3 will be supported for many more years.

Nathaniel_Drake3126d ago

Oh yeah Jak and Daxter baby!!!!

The Dude3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

So the ps2 was six when the ps3 came out. And the ps3 would have been out when the ps2 was five if sony had their act together. You guys can count on 2011 for the next gen ps4. Sony will be lucky if anyone wants the ps3 when it turns nine.

WenisWagon3126d ago

Unlike sony, Microsoft was confident enough to retire the original Xbox because the Xbox 360 showed great success which proved to them it would have a great future ahead of it. sony is still a bit weary of the success of the ps3 (mainly because it is still a failure in dead last), so they have to hold onto a last generation console for dear life to try and make a profit at the end of the day.

ryano232773126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

No one wanting a PS3 at 9 years of age is better than not wanting an XBOX 360 at age 4.

How many XBOX's got sold last month?

EDIT: @1.7 so if the XBOX sold that much, how many did the 360 sell?

Anon19743126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Go PS2. I don't see any reason at all to abandon the PS2. It's still a goldmine, it's still the most played console in the US according to the neilson ratings, games on the PS2 still routinely crack into the worldwide top sales lists.

And it's existing quite happily beside the PS3. It's not like anyone's walking into the store, looking for a PS3 and saying "Wait a minute. What's this PS2 thing? Why, I've never heard of this and it's waaaay cheaper than a PS3!" and walking out with a PS2.

LOL at The Dude. It's like you're trying to alienate people. I've got a quick question for you. If the PS3 is doing poorly, and considering it's outsold the 360 head 2 head since it launched worldwide - do you consider the 360 a disappointment?

Edit below: Yeah, after 6 months of back to back hardware sales year over year declines according to official MS numbers - Halo proved magic again and boosted up 360 numbers for one month in the US. Bravo **slow clap** ...bravo.

Silellak3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

352,600, at least in North America. 5000 more than the same time last year, actually.

But you're right, clearly no one wants a 360 anymore.

I'm not trying to be a fanboy for one side or the other - just stating the facts, since you asked.


You said "no one wants a 360 at age 4". The sales number show otherwise. That's all I'm saying.

Obviously the original XBox didn't sell anything beyond used units, because new units aren't actually made anymore. I'm not defending Microsoft or the XBox brand, just explaining that the claim that "no one wants a 360 anymore" is faulty.

Bathyj3126d ago

I'd like to see if an Xbox could get to age 4.

NateNater3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

You've got to be kidding right? PS3 if future proof. You would be lucky to find someone still playing their xbox 360 10 years after they purchased it.

How many people do you know now that still play their original xbox? Slim to none. Now, how many people do you know that still play PS2? Millions.

Sony will continue to support PS2 as long as people still play it. They will do the same for PS3.

Sarcasm3126d ago

I don't play on my PS2 much anymore, but I still have it. My PS1 is in the grave somewhere resting in peace.

All I know is that if the PS4 comes out in 3 years, I'm not buying it. I'm sticking with the PS3 for a long time.

mal_tez923126d ago

Well that's like, your opinion man.

Ju3126d ago

As long as future games will reach UC2 level more and more, I see no reason to "upgrade" again to get essentially the same experience. Eventually, maybe, but what I have is good enough for me and will probably stay that way.

The PS2 will stay where it is, unless it totally tanks in sales or another product will cannibalize the $99 market segment. This can last forever. It can even mean, it might survive the PS3 which in the long run I could imagine will be replaced by a (compatible) new high end model (for the same price). The PS2 has just this huge cost benefit which a PS3 (or any other console) will never reach. The PS2 is all payed off in full (ROI wise), and as long as they can sell what they build its a license for Sony to print money.

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Saaking3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

PS2 is one of the greatest, if not the greatest console of all time. I laughed so hard when stupid MS tried comparing the 360 as the successor of the PS2.hahaha, the PS3 is the continuation of the PS2, not the 360.

MS will NEVER be the new Sony and the 360 will NEVER be the new PlayStation.

Rio-Hustla-Inc3126d ago

ALl HAIL TO THE KING SONY PS2 and now the PS3...........................

sashimi3126d ago

My ps2 fatty still works!Thank you Sony for making the best console i've ever enjoyed.

WildArmed3126d ago

So does my N64 >.< (n Psx but id ont play thtat)

I still play Zelda on it xD

minikoopa3126d ago

The are bloody bullet proof. BEST CONSOLE YET

kaveti66163126d ago

As long as people keep buying the PS2, there is no reason for Sony to cut off a source of profit. The only problem I have with their use of the word "support" is the recent games. Not a lot of high quality titles are coming to the PS2 right now. Once a year I see like 20 titles on the PS2, and most of them are crappy games or ports. I think it would be nice to treat the fans of the PS2 by making a really nice title for the PS2 right now. Because I don't consider what's going on now "support."

Saaking3126d ago

Yep, and that's 20 more games than the Xbox 1 is getting. You can count on Sony to deliver and keep delivering and supporting their system. MS, not so much.

raztad3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Jax and Dexter, MotorStorm + some other multiplats are pretty good for a 9 years old console. Not to mention the incredible library it already has. You cant can go wrong with a PS2.

kaveti66163126d ago

Yeah, but we're not talking about the Xbox 1. We already know that MS dropped it because it was a money pit. But PS2 is very profitable for Sony. In Japan, the PS2 sometimes outsells the 360. And since so many fans are continuing to purchase this 9 year old console, I would like for Sony to provide better game support for it. I know the PS2 already has a fantastic library, but one AAA title a year for the PS2 won't hurt. I'm already planning on getting a PS2 if Sony decides not to do Backwards Compatibility.

And Saaking, you just got back into the Gamer Zone. Don't start that overly biased fanboy crap again. There's no need to bring up the Xbox in a PS2 article.

WildArmed3126d ago

Considering how many Aces in the hole they have on ps2 already, i think Sony is using most of its resources to get those aces on ps3 now.
Although I'd love to see some great ps2 games again.. I always love a nice MGS game lol

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