New images of Project V13

Interplay released some of the new concept art images that had been working on for Project V13.

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BlackIceJoe2972d ago

Those concept art images really look good. You get the feel of the Fallout universe. I hope the game some day comes out.

Bilbo652972d ago

How many people work there now? Im pretty sure this will be vaporware

DiffusionE2972d ago

So this was the supposed Fallout MMO they were working on? Hope it's good.

Fade_Walker2972d ago

Dear Bethesda,

You guys suck for cancelling this (or attempting). What the f*ck were you thinking!?!

Tony P2972d ago

I'd rather have New Vegas, tbh.

A Fallout MMO is not exactly a return to the glory days of the franchise.