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Despite the dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of moves available per pugilist, intricate juggle combos, complex counters, and esoteric gameplay quirks that have evolved through five prequels, Tekken 6 is an altogether welcoming fighting game. For veterans, the game offers the most comprehensive roster in the history of the series, a new way to extend damaging combos, and enough change to--whilst not exactly feeling brand new--make it feel exciting to play Tekken again. For newcomers, the game's comprehensive training modes and expansive single-player beat-'em-up campaign serve as an enticing gateway into the world of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

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Saaking3252d ago

This game had a lot of potential. Too bad it got held back.

NateNater3252d ago

Hahaha do you mean 360 is holding back Tekken? I couldn't agree any more.

theEnemy3251d ago

went from Blu-Ray to PSN/XBL material.

$59.99 ain't worth it this game. Except for tekken fans.

NoBias3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

If we can get gorgeous looking multiplat games like Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil V, there's no reason why Tekken should look the way it does. I was going to buy this but the fact that I'm broke doesn't help much.

I was expecting this game to look amazing though. It's a huge disappointment hearing about all the jaggies... There's no reason for it.

rockleex3251d ago

Especially if you're a Tekken fan like I am.

The graphics looked pretty good on my friend's SDTV, haven't tried it on my 49 inch HDTV yet though.

I honestly hated Dark Ressurection's gameplay compared to Tekken 5. They tweaked it for the worse.

But Tekken 6 actually makes it feel nice and smooth. The new characters are actually pretty good too.

By the way, Yoshimitsu OWNS in Tekken 6!

Trust me, you'll be surprised. XD

Xgamerzus3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

pretty typical for a next gen 3d fighter,lame been there done that..WHeres our proper soul calibur??
It appears that since the 128bit perfect 10 called soul calibur debuted on DC,not much has changed in 3d Fighters . NO major leap at all!!

With all the Ram and polygon pushing power available we are still getting same arse button mashing 3d games.
Wheres the massive multi tiered fights stages, the massive gorgeous water falls and fire effects, the full live backdrops, with 1000's of cheering audiences and ??and epics backdrops that put others to shame???
What the hell is going on???

You can only do so damn much with fighting moves untill it get rediculously complicated, so concentrate on pushing the tech !!

3d fighters are all but dead and they need to spice up the feel and graphics for the sake of giving the game genre some new life.

3d fighters !What a waste of technology.. Wheres A perfect 10 soul calibur!!!!!
Physics and millions of polys, realistic effects massive living breathing environment!!!!

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Relientk773252d ago

great score. The game looks good I'll probably pick it up

Saaking3252d ago

Thank you MS for gimping yet another game.

Serial_EDX3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

LMFAO, Tekken has never been a amazing series.

I mean really, The last good tekken was over 10 years ago.

Athlon3251d ago

Seriously, this game has so many jaggies it's annoying. I'm surprised at the quality of this title. I don't remember Soul Calibur IV having this much aliasing. I got it yesterday after trading in some old PS3 games for it.

Marceles3251d ago

Yeah it's pretty much Tekken 5 with motion blur on the graphics side. I saw the rain stage and thought of how cool it would look if the graphics were cleaned up. I'm glad I got a chance to rent it though, it's still fun since I haven't played Tekken in awhile.

AshleyRiot3251d ago

PS3 version? Turn motion blur off it'll add 2xAA. Doesn't look as good as SC4 but still looks good IMO.

Darkstorn3251d ago

I'll stay with Soul Calibur IV, thank you very much.

shutupandplay3251d ago

Oooo. Yet another game for my 360.

54percent3251d ago

YAY!!! more low quality trash for the trashbox!!!

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