Neocrisis: 360 Fanboys Let Microsoft Get Away With Too Much

Justin D. Writes: "People complain about PS3 fanboys all the time. That much is a given. Whether or not it is fair that they do so, it's what goes on in the media. Hell, we had Jim Sterling use the age old "SDF" to describe them in one article (hey Jim, you do know was made by the owner to parody Sony fanboys, right? And he still denies having anything to do with it to this day, right? Not like Rob Foor even does that good of a job at parodying them, anyway.)

However, one thing the so-called "SDF" does well at (see what I did there?) is being able to get Sony to implement new things, and still be able to call them out when things are not going right. They were able to get Sony to up their game, think about a price cut, push the boundaries of the hardware, develop new IPs, and soon implement cross game chat and Netflix (c'mon, you have to think Sony is going to put the two on one firmware update). In short, Sony fanboys don't let Sony just get away with everything

This is more than what I can say about 360 fanboys, and it's a wonder why there are so many articles about Sony fanboys being the "scum of the Earth" and not one thing about the 360 fanboys that have actually painted Microsoft into its own corner. Yes, there are more than one problem with 360 fanboys, but the main thing is this:

They let Microsoft get away with way too much sh*t."

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thebudgetgamer3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

if their getting ripped off or not its their choice. im tired of but they said it first does that make anything better. im also tired of i dont hate (insert console of choice) but i hate the fanboys of that console. so your plan is to out fanboy that person. at least try to act like adults everyonce and a while.

HolyOrangeCows3331d ago

...but, come on, considering how the 360 is doing this year, xbox fanboys have been particularly disgusting lately.

WildArmed3331d ago

here's the new logic:
'everyone's doing it, why not me?'
If one fanboy calls something out, they'll be another 100 playing defense.

Thank God I've never met a fanboy IRL. (ie outside of N4G.. you know the real world)
I rather converse with those peeople about gaming.
But alas I need to get my gaming info somewhere, and N4G does that job.. somehwat nicely

Saaking3331d ago

Good to be back in the gamerzone after a whole month.

Anyways, I think we can all agree on this:

MS overcharges for their accessories
Offers very Little exclusives
Goes after DLC instead of full games
Give you very low quality hardware
Charges for stuff that should be free

How can you let a company do all that and NOT COMPLAIN at all?

Venomish3331d ago

Did you guys read the article? it is actually a good read.
I highly recommend it.

Narutone663331d ago

got smart and move on. The ones defending the 360 are either paid MS employee, have hidden agenda, or in partnership with MS in advertising.

Venomish3331d ago

360 fanboys are by far the worst thing that ever happened to the gaming industry.
ps3 fanboys at least speak up to sony and help improve the ps3 and psn.
360 fanboys take whatever MS throw at them, good or bad with no complaints.

mikeslemonade3331d ago

The 360 fanboy is blind. The PS3 fanboy just likes there exclusives way too much and are too poor to buy the 360. That's the difference. The PS3 fanboy is smarter and the 360 fanboy thinks he is having the best gaming experience but really he is not.

Blaze9293331d ago (Edited 3331d ago ) And got money to blow?

Its really weird, I mean just look at the comments many people here actually own a Xbox 360? And for the ones who don't, why do you/they care what Microsoft does with the 360 and it's consumers? I seriously don't get it...people are complaining about a product they dont even own. What sense is that!?

This is so dumb and just plain sad.

jessupj3331d ago

This is exactly my point, I completely agree with this article and I'm very glad someone else sees it as well. I'm honestly baffled that people actually claim PS3 fanboys are worse when 360 fanboys do exactly what this articles mentions. I've always said, 360 fanboys (NOT 360 gamers) love taking it from behind from MS and defending their every heinous, selfish decision.

Microsoft Xbox 3603331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Who are you to assume that we never did or don't own 360's? I've been through 2 360's already and I won't sit there like nothing happened. You diehard 360 fanboys need to wake up and accept the fact that MS has been using you fools. Seems you guys have been too busy worrying and bashing the PS3 fanbase instead of keeping an eye out for your beloved company, Microsoft. Oh well you guys get the shaft while the rest of us can enjoy superior hardware, free online gaming, top-notch non-DLC full game exclusives, on top with the best graphics seen on any console.

WenisWagon3331d ago

Yeah those guys are annoying. Luckily though, the other 99.9% of us Xbox 360 owners are just regular guys lead by common sense, unfortunately the playstation fanboys (there are A LOT of them) have to try to label us as 360 fanboys as well.

And Microsoft is not getting away with anything. They provide a robust gaming experience for an extremely valuable price, unlike Sony trying to get away with launching a console for $600.

WildArmed3331d ago

bbut buutt buttt ggaameeplaayy>>> Grraaffics

Elvfam5113331d ago

"how many people here actually own a Xbox 360? And for the ones who don't, why do you/they care what Microsoft does with the 360 and it's consumers?"

If MS wins this Generation of gaming then we know what to expect the next generation of gaming

You guys really need to wake up and take a stand
Tell MS enough is enough i haven't seen a new IP
that was good as gears of war when it came out

cmrbe3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

I have been saying this forever. You x360 fans have low standards of expectations for MS.

@blaze. What trends MS popularise affects everyone. If MS sets the precedence that its OK to rush out a flawed console and cover it with a 3 year warrenty then others could follow. If MS popularise paying for $60 for and expansion then other could follow. If MS popularise DLC as full games then others could follow.

x360 fans are more than happy to support it which is a concern as a gamers. We as gamers deserve better.

Blaze9293331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

And who are you to assume I'm a 360 fanboy? I love my PS3 just as much as I love my 360. "You guys" "Bashign ps3 fanbase" wtf are you talking about? Look through all my comment history and show me comments where I'm bashing the PS3 fanbase; don't worry I'll wait.

"Oh well you guys get the shaft while the rest of us can enjoy superior hardware, free online gaming, top-notch non-DLC full game exclusives, on top with the best graphics seen on any console." totally owned a 360 before...and if you don't know, ehem...AGAIN...WHY..DO...YOU.. .CARE!?


Who...cares? I really don't. I still enjoy Halo 3 and Gears of War 1 and 2 to this day. Then I got my PS3 to play a bunch of other new exclusives. Then multi-plats keep it fresh also. How is not getting any new IPs letting Microsoft getting away with to much? I don't get it, I seriously don't.

Take a stand against what? Are you one of those who are complaining about a product you don't own either? I dunno, like I said, I seriously don't get it. No 360 consumers are complaining. They complain about hardware failures of course. But the complaining doesn't exist not becuase we 360 owners like getting rapped by Microsoft, it doesn't exist becuase there isnt a PROBLEM. 360 owners are satisfied. There isn't a need for new IPs and 20 exclusive games releasing every year; that way we can't sit and enjoy the games we buy. I don't wanna bring sales into this but maybe that's the reason ps3 exclusive games dont sell as much as 360 exclusives; there are too many in such short amount of time. That may be great to look at but numbers don't lie.

If people are unsatisfied, they can easily jump ship to a PS3; maybe they have/are; who...cares?

Like I'm saying, for some reason the people who do not currently on a 360 are the ones doing all the complaining. I DO NOT GET IT. Ah well I'm done. Call me a anally rapped 360 fan boy; I don't care. The people on this site are just ridiculous.

AridSpider3331d ago

OMFG Bubbles to you sir, muther f'ing bubbles TO YOU! Amen brother!

JasonXE3331d ago

One of the best comments I've read on this site in a long time. Bubbles up brah.

ProA0073331d ago

"I don't wanna bring sales into this but maybe that's the reason ps3 exclusive games dont sell as much as 360 exclusives; there are too many in such short amount of time. That may be great to look at but numbers don't lie."

QFMFT!!! Great point. I mean, if new IPs are such the rage then why does everytime a new PS3 exclusive comes out the sales compared the number of PS3s sold are so lackluster? Makes no sense and just shows that not even these same ps3 owners boasting about having tons of exclusives can/are buying them all.

Sarcasm3331d ago

lol even though this article is flamebait, it's a pretty good read.

morganfell3331d ago

Oh the irony...and the humor of self pwnage.

Immortal Kaim3331d ago

I have an easy solution for the people constantly and consistently complaining about the 360...Don't buy one, simple.

Before anyone tries to claim the high horse approach of "MS is ruining the industry, that's why I'm always complaining about them", you aren't fooling anyone, all the fanboy hoopla is because you're a sad individual who likes to complain about things you don't, or have no intention of owning.

I'm with Blaze on this one, I don't see why it actually matters if people are enjoying a different system?

pippoppow3331d ago

More about consumers rights and gamer expectations. I buy a system I want a reliable system with good up to date tech. Exclusives and free online are most important. You may not mind about the points Saaking bought up but I'm sure many 360 gamers do. But the issues go beyond just personal perseverance it about the collective whole as gamers as to what will be tolerated. People may be happy with the 360 and don't care about any issues but it doesn't lessen the importance to the many. As a gamer I have a list of demands and the PS3 meets them nicely compared to other consoles. 360 owners need to ask whether their needs and wants are being catered to. I'd imagine for many gamers it's not.

IdleLeeSiuLung3331d ago

Do NOT buy a Xbox 360 if you don't like MS. Buy a PC, Wii, PS3 or whatever. Problem solved!

If you don't own it and don't support it, it isn't your problem. Let the other people get "fooled" since they are happy!

ultimolu3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

This article holds a lot of truth to it.

I was never a "fanperson", until I saw the PS3 being attacked from left to right by these guys. It has no games. It's a movie player. Sony sucks. Sony did this. Sony did that. Sony's in 3rd. Sony failed. Sony, Sony, Sony.

All fanpeople do this stuff but 360 fans have been on the offensive lately, like they're afraid of something.

MEsoJD3331d ago

Wii Fanboys let Nintedo get away with way too much, but then again

they're a minority.

3331d ago
HolyOrangeCows3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

A lot of us, including myself, bought the 360 when MS was treating it as a game system first, social networking device second.

And now......we're pissed.
Microsoft needs to lower the price of LIVE (Or eliminate the fee altogether, since mostly what they offer is free on PC and PS3) and start making some exclusive IPs. I can only take so much halo.

nycredude3331d ago

@Blaze and anyone who agrees with his ignorant dismissal of anyone who says they have an xbox 360. I don't think it's the Ps3 only owners who are complaining. In fact most likely it's the dual console owners who are doing the complaining. I have both and when you have both console it is very clear which one is the better one and which company is shafting you. I mean Sony isn't a saint but at least they seem to have a passion for the industry and tries to push it forward but MS just care about their bottom line and it's quite obviously when you own both consoles.

Goldenarmz3330d ago

Dumbest thing iv read all day, "gamers" dont care, they play what they like and buy what they like. most "gamers" probably have both systems already. So no, most gamers havent moved on, they dont care enough to come on boards and whine about it. To say only people who still support them is M$ employees is idiotic to say. You must be what 10?

paul03883330d ago

Why do sales always matter to Xbox fanboys???

Just because a game sells a lot doesn't mean it's good. I don't care how much Uncharted 2 sold, even if I was the only person to have bought a copy in the entire world, I'd still think it was the best game I've ever played... (FF7 takes a close 2nd)

Xbox fanboys, stop worrying about quantity, demand quality...

FFXI1013330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

You ever think about maybe some of us do own both systems like you or own 360s before? (I, myself went through 4 of them.)

$100 for HDD, $100 for Wi-fi adapter, poor quality products(system, headset) is a rip off plus the way they deal business and the arrogant attitude of theirs. 360fanboy tend to ignore that and focus on the sales number(which I don't see how that's benefit to them) Maybe as a 360 owner you don't have problem or complain that doesn't mean the problems don't exist or no one else complain about it. Then again, why should you care? cause you have no problem at all right? so who cares?

Well, what M$ do/did so far is to benefit themselves not the gamers or the industry. By bring the check book to the table and ask studio to make games or DLC ONLY for them is not helping nor benefit us but cause problems. But then again, who cares right? cause you own both systems so is one company fall you'll always have another one.

The who cares or/and don't care attitude is exactly the point of this article and because of that " Microsoft get away with way too much sh*t."

venomcarnage893330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

i have 2 points id like to get out.

A. its funny how you go off on someone for calling you a 360 fanboy while you are discrediting him for is claims of owning a 360, the people complaining arent ps3 only owners(for the most part) so the hypocrisy is quite up there in your post.

B. im a ps3 only owner, i complain about M$, i have the right to, but do you know why its my business and why it matters, because... wait for it, here it comes, an answer you(and any 360 fanboy, not calling you a 360 fanboy) will undoubtedly pretend not to read...

because if it wasnt for those faults i(along with tons more people) might have actually bought a 360 in the first place! i myself am an open minded gamer who happened to educate myself on the consoles before buying them which is the clear reason i chose ps3, i have the right to complain about 360 because of the reason i just listed, without all those faults and nickel and diming, M$ MIGHT have actually gotten my money awhile back. i guess i can thank M$ though for making my choice so easy and saving me the money it would cost to own both systems.

oh and btw, just to get this out there to, to the 360 fanboys that cant stand the ps3 fans on this site, its you(at least anyone who acted like you) years back that forced ps3 fanboyus to hate you to death, now the ps3 is rocking out and they are throwing the dirt in your face in spite of years of you thinking 360 was going to rule the earth, as much as id call it uncalled for at times i cannot blame them one bit, its like two kids sitting at a bench, one gets up and punches the other in the face(thats you 360 fanboys, the ones that started it all) and then the other guy punches back to get even. but its not even, now 360 fanboys have to run crying to their mothers that they got beat up. grow up and grow a pair, learn to reep what you sew.

Knghtz3330d ago

Good one Morganfell! Oh wait your retort had no substance and instead resorted to the "no you are" method, never mind...

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JOLLY13331d ago

It says that Microsoft fanboys don't care. It has nothing to do with them pouting. It seems like the only people pouting aobut Microsoft stuff is sony fanboys.

WildArmed3331d ago

I'm glad you got the point of the article /s

Saaking3331d ago

Serious question:
How can you still be so blind? MS hasn't released a single AAA exclusive all year till Forza 3. Yea, they repair RROD for free, but it shouldn't even be a problem in the first place. You still loose valuable time. They overcharge for everything. Open your eyes.

heroicjanitor3331d ago

I've never seen someone prove an articles point so well... It was an amazing thing to witness XD

Venomish3331d ago

@ above
they are hopeless man, we have to accept this fact. in the mean time we are going to continue offering sony more suggestions, constructive criticism etc and make them improve the ps3 and psn even more.

Microsoft Xbox 3603331d ago

What do we have here? A 360 fanboy ignoring the real problem once again and only focused on bashing the PS3 fans. This article cannot be anymore accurate and on point. LOL

HolyOrangeCows3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

What's next?! Sliced Bread, perhaps???

"It seems like the only people pouting aobut Microsoft stuff is sony fanboys"
Because people who aren't blind aren't very big xbox fans right now.

ultimolu3331d ago

It's okay JOLLY, we understand. ^__^

Cueil3331d ago

Is this rape the 360 season? I'm guessing most of you were not so high and mighty when the PS3 was getting destroyed last year or when it was dipping to 75k/wk world wide. You all sound like Xbot from last generation... I swear to god you do... look "my system has a standard HDD" or "my system has better graphics"... people buy Microsoft stuff because they own a Xbox 360.. that's obvious and you probably don't... because you don't own a Xbox 360. Conveniently forget how bad Sony butsmexed all it's fans... forget their terrible online attitude... forget their stupid move to not make a game system that game developers want... and forget how unreliable the PS2 was... it's not like I didn't watch one catch on fire right before my eyes.

BlackTar1873330d ago

both sides but this is on topic. WHy cant i own a 360 and have alot of issues with the way its being handled why must i be a fanboy to share my displeasures Im a gmaer of over 20years and this fanboy crap is from the newer generation you guys are so F'en caught up in in order to like something you must follow the leader blindly i dont get it. and never will can you not own something and not be 100% satisfied? is that not a option or when you buy the piece of hardware you now join a cult to where all faults are glazed over and if you speak of them you get shunned to the the fanboy corner. What the hell is worng with you people. I understand you like your precious toys but use your brain use common sense use logic dont follow the leader like sheep its sad. this is nt a rant directed only at the topic at hand its at everyone are we that dumb now a days. can i not like certain things with out a label cant i just be a informed consumer? its extremely sad what this generation of gaming is becoming like a bunch of biy bands fighting it out in the streets.

I dont mean to offend anyone its just general concern that you see these people who sign allegiance to one toy and they can not will not ever admit any fault its sad use your brain people.

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ThatCanadianGuy3331d ago

There's a reason we call them bots..

There programmed by microsoft to accept DLC and reject reality.

cyborg69713331d ago

You can't rape the willing. The willing being the unwitting parents who don't do research on a product prepurchase.

Cueil3331d ago

yes because there is no outcry when stupid Madden crap hit... or the infamous "Horse Armor" things that where worked out on the Xbox 360 that PS3 owners take for granted.

Obama3331d ago

4 years since the 360 was released and the RROD still persists. the bots just don't seem to care and always argue that: "We have 3 year warranty!"

jazzking20013331d ago

i thought that they do not do warranties anymore
i know that gamestop does no accept them no more lol

JOLLY13331d ago

Gamestop actually does warranty them again.

Saaking3331d ago

Yea but you have to pay for it.


not only that they can justify that going to best buy every month to return there crappy hardware is alright ....what fkn idiots


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Raoh3331d ago

Very well written. Just read the whole thing. And before anyoine responds i urge them to read it completely.

I say that because of a few statements made.

Like PSN is getting better, because even ps3 fanboys dont let sony get away with certain things.

unlike microsoft fanboys.

just read the article.

JD_Shadow3331d ago

No, that would be too much for some people here on N4G to actually DO!

WildArmed3331d ago

No.. there is a system here!

If you read the title or your 'gut' feeling tells you the article is pro-ps3,
360 fanboys -> attack teh article/author
PS3 fanboys -> attack the 360 fanboys n the 360

and the other way around when its pro-360.

A similar system works with anti-360 articles.. or ps3 articles. but I hasnt decoded it yet D:


kaveti66163331d ago

I don't get it. The person who wrote the article needs to first define what it means to be a Fanboy.

Now, to me, a fanboy is somebody who always accepts crappy treatment from the company he/she adores and never complains. The person who wrote the article defined 360 fanboys has having this characteristic. But later in the article, he makes the mistake of saying that "Sony fanboys don't let Sony just get away with everything."

To me, if a gamer provides constructive criticism of a console, then he is not a fanboy of that console. So this writer needs to recognize that Fanboys, irrespective of which console they support, never EVER provide criticism of their console. The Fanboys on both sides are the ones who NEVER say anything negative about their console. Those are the fanboys. So, I as a 360 and PS3 gamer have criticisms of both consoles. I don't think either is PERFECT. And in addition, I don't ever joke around by calling a game a flop or garbage, even when I only had a 360 a few months ago.

So, in reality, the writer of the article needs to correct the portion where he says that Sony fanboys don't let Sony get away with everything, because by definition, that is what a Sony fanboy does. That is what any fanboy of any company does. These fanboys always find a way to spin a negative into a positive. A fanboy is someone who will never admit that there is a flaw or negative aspect in their console. For example, I know a few Sony fanboys on here who are always praising the web-browser, although I have to say that despite being really good at streaming video, in other area the web browser is lacking and unstable. But a Sony Fanboy does not offer enough constructive criticism or any at all.

Also, a fanboy is prone to bashing the other console constantly, even when he or she MAY NOT even own it. Example, Sony fanboys who don't own a 360 who downplay and bash every upcoming game for the 360 and any game that has been out for the 360.

They call Halo 3 overrated crap.
They call Alan Wake, "Alan Wait" and say it will be crap.
They say Crackdown 2 will suck.
They say that Mass Effect 2 will suck on 360, be better on PC, and/or is only a beta test for the real version on the PS3.
They say that GTAIV DLC is crap.
They call Forza 3 "Flopza 3"
They call Gears of War, "Queers of War"
They always make sure to remind everyone of the failure rate, some even going so far as to make their usernames "54.2 Percent." Yeah, you know who you are.
They often refer to the Xbox 360 as the "sh*tbox pleasefixme."

I'm not saying that 360 fanboys are better or worse. In my opinion, if a person say that 360 fanboys are worse than PS3 fanboys or vice versa, they are probably a little biased.

WildArmed3331d ago

I am gonna ask you nicely one more time..


kaveti66163331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

You're on the internet. It seems silly to ask me when you can find out the answer for yourself with the click of a button.

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