Leaked L.A. Noire Script Read Introduces Key Characters And Plot

New story info about Rockstar's PS3 exclusive L.A. Noire.

Siliconera writes "These pages are taken from a recent script read where Shane Liem Casting held auditions for roles like Elsa Lichtmann, Cole Phelps' (called "Phelps" in the script) love interest, and lesser roles such as Victim #1. Click on the script samples for more details."

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takecontrol3126d ago

I thought this game went multi platform.

If you look at the bottom of this page this game is not sounding PS3 exclusive

Fishy Fingers3126d ago

Yeah I think it was all but confirmed multiplatform a while back. Perhaps Agent was part of that deal I dont know.

Looking forward to seeing something new though, I was disappointed when it feel off the radar, good to see it back.

Foliage3126d ago

The official website states "Next Generation Consoles".

myothercar3126d ago

Multiplat's been confirmed in interviews. Someone from Sony or Rockstar said more than a year ago, that LA Noire was not the Rockstar PS3 exclusive. This later was confirmed when Agent was announced exclusively for PS3.

sinncross3126d ago

That is because when LA Noire was first announced, Sony were funding the project.

I can only assume that Sony thought to stop funding it and pump the money into other first party projects or AGENT.

StanLatMarveldotCom3126d ago

If Sony stopped funding the project does that mean they didn't have as much faith in it being as successful as Agent?

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Skyreno3126d ago

ahh i give up is it ps3 exclusive or multiplatform >>?

Dutch Boogie3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Who cares! As long as it's developed first on the ps3 then it won't get gimped, else i'm skipping it. In this day and age i don't settle for mediocrity.

Jamie_C_UK3126d ago

This is FAKE.

There are far too many words for it to fit on a DVD

CryWolf3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

It a PS3 exclusive so it won't be on 360 anytime soon.


LtSkittles3126d ago

"Not so exclusive…but LA Noire definitely ain’t coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this."

That was two years ago.

OhNoez3126d ago

LA Noire is PS3/360 game, it was announced years ago as PS3 exclusive but its not anymore

CryWolf3126d ago

L.A. Noire is a PS3 exclusive or at lease thats what was said on one of Hiphopgamershow videopodcast at one point.

myothercar3126d ago

Oh right, because HipHopGamer is credibow (sic)

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The story is too old to be commented.