1UP: Tropico 3 Review

There's something appealing about a good, old fashioned dictatorship, so long as you're the dictator. It's a tempting kind of fantasy, whether you feel like being a despotic tyrant, the architect of a tropical utopia, or more likely, a fumbling idiot yanking ineffectually on the reins of power as the cart of society plunges into the ravine of tortured metaphor -- which is fun in its own way. Tropico 3 delivers on those fantasies better than any game in recent memory, but that's sort of an easy thing to say, given that city management sims have long since taken the trophy for World's Deadest Genre, and none of them ever bothered much with giving us banana republics to run into the ground. But 1UP doesn't want to damn the thing with faint praise. Tropico 3 is a great distraction, if a bit dated and minimal-looking.

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