Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 PSP Delayed

Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 on the PSP has been delayed until 2010. The only reason provided was due to global marketing issues - "to allow time to get the word out to everyone."

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meatnormous3128d ago

I wanted to see if anyone called slant 6 garbage in the comments and its the first one. I agree, slant 6 will never see 1 dollar from me after Socom Confrontation. I hate what they did to my favorite series.

NoBias3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

My favorite franchise as well. They have no business ever touching a PS3 game again. Granted I still play it (called Socrack for a reason). But there are so many broken gameplay elements in that game it's not even funny (I can't wait to be able to shoot confidently over railings. Or be able to reload while walking over a 4inch rock. I could go on...)

I can't wait until Sony gives us a proper next gen SOCOM and not that half-assed game we were handed. What I don't understand is that every other Sony 1st party game get's the royal treatment so why did they absolutely sh!t all over their golden shooter??!!!

Saddens me... SOCOM 2 ftw

Digitaldude3128d ago

As long as its decent we can wait :)

va_bank3127d ago

But it will be years before Slant Six can make a good game.

paulk0033128d ago

Are we REALLY surprised that it got delayed????? I bet cash money these greedy sons of bit#@!, are holding back the map pack and weapons for Confrontations til the week MW2 drops to try and steal some of Infinity Ward's steam. Which is going to be hard to do when you put out a subpar product.

Milky3128d ago

Play games not developers people. If its good I will buy it regardless of who makes it.

red2tango3128d ago

Slant Six can suck a d1ck