G4TV: Mr Sark's Halo 3 Sarkathlon 4 - Do You Want The Bungie Exclusive Flaming Armor?

From G4TV:

"X-Play's Mr Sark has a history of dropping some amazing Halo 3 prizes on the winner of the Sarkathlon, a contest storied in legend and history, appearing only a few times to the chosen few... or whenever new Halo 3 multiplayer maps are available.

Previously, Mr Sark has bestowed the coveted Recon armor on winners, but with the release of Halo 3: ODST, that isn't so special anymore, right? You're absolutely correct. That's why Mr Sark and Bungie are going to be giving the winner of Sarkathlon 4...

Bungie Exclusive Flaming Armor!"

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