Grand Theft Auto V Hinted At, Set In London?

GOONL!NE writes: "Well? Our eyes are bloodied and far-sighted; you tell us what you be in the 'rip'! We should know come March 2010…

After staring at the poster for the best part of an hour though, we're pretty sure that underneith the 'rip' in the corner it says 'Theatre Seagull'. There's a Seagull Theatre in London.

One other point of note, noticed the guy down in the bottom left of the pic? Looks a bit like the dude from Monopoly wouldn't you say?"

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kharma453338d ago

Aim of the game to take over every single piece of the board, and run the water works etc. as part of your crime syndicate where you basically run the city.

I think we're going somewhere with this idea ;)

thedisagreefairy3338d ago

we need to get together and write this stuff down and sell it to Rockstar

we will be millionares!

maybe we can create a better n4g with our money...

LtSkittles3338d ago

I know Mad Tv isn't always funny

whoelse3338d ago

If it really does say Theatre and not Theater then it certainly sounds like it could be London.

MasFlowKiller3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I have played every gta game ever made, even the the that never came out for the gameboy

but as a true GTA fan i have to say that i cant be any happier with GTA4 been over

worst game of the series

just because it so over rated,

the game was average at best compare to what the series has brought in the past,

hope they go back to their root and GTA London sound cool

im hoping without hope that they take the relationship building part of the game down a little bit, it almost killed the entire experience for me

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Cajun Chicken3338d ago

'Opens March everywhere'?

Some kind of additional hint?

Dutch Boogie3338d ago

Maybe hinting at a public unveiling.

bekum_aka_jarhed3338d ago


Pwee3338d ago

Hmm, I'm not seeing the connection!

M_Prime3338d ago

maybe the airport will be usable now.. MAYBE?

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The story is too old to be commented.