DJ Hero DLC priced (and it ain't cheap!)

Console Monster writes: "DJ Hero is out on Friday and the first set of DLC has being announced by Activison. From day one, you'll be able to buy the Extended Mix Pack 1 which includes remixes/songs from 'All of Me' by 50 Cent with Mary J. Blige vs. 'Radio Ga Ga' by Queen."

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mrv3213131d ago

This is why I am never buying a Activision game new. Only buying MW2 seocnd and that's it. Might even trade in all my activision games.

Seriously the game is pretty new and like the MW2 maps they are simply holding pack content so they can charge for it later.

mrv3213131d ago

Truer words have never been spoken.

M_Prime3131d ago

well it is a large scale release. the discs you are buying weren't printed yesterday you know that right? so the new DLC is probably stuff they were working on after they started to print the discs. They don't take breaks, they just work, they know they gatta get cracking on the DLC so they can keep their jobs.

So be mad all you want but all you are doing is looking like an 8 year old child, its business and its gonna be an awsome game, they use the guitar too so you can play with a friend. The DLC is just a good sign, i mean i wouldn't wanna wait months before something was available.

though TONY HAWK RIDE.. that one i am sketch about, i know i will want to play DJ HERO 2 but i can only play so many TONY games. I mean after THPS2 i was done and i mean i got 100% with everyone including kid Tony and Spiderman lol..

Foliage3131d ago

DLC is often planned during the GDD phase of a game. They didn't just decide to release this, and don't be surprised if it was created alongside the content in the game.

Ravage273131d ago

they are never going to get a single cent from me

Carl14123131d ago

Holy hell, as if paying for the plastic peripheral in the first place wasn't enough of a rip off.

F*ck off Kottick.

Baka-akaB3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


No offense but with that kind of naive and fairy tale like thinking , activision is safe for the next 15 years ....

They themselves no longer hide and proudly mention dlcs for all of their other games like 4-6 month before they get released ... yet for a music related game , the one with usually tons of dlc they didnt plan it and didnt have time to fit it on a disc ? Yeah right ...

Lately devs dont even bother hiding they withdraw and hold back content they've obviously already done , so they could sell it alongside the "full game"

AKNAA3130d ago

"They don't take breaks, they just work, they know they gatta get cracking on the DLC so they can keep their jobs. "

yeah, Oookay... Makes me wonder how the past developers of last gen kept their jobs considering that there was NO DLC back then...Hmmm...

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Time Lord3131d ago

He looks like right old tool now!

mrv3213131d ago

But you see the PS3 is too expencive. £300 with a game(old price) compared to his

20. GH games, Tony Hawk Ride and now this which'll cost about £300 altogether, now out of those two which does the following

Plays custom music
Plays Movies
Plays other games
Has it's own community(PSN)
Built in browser
Blu-ray player
Streaming abilities

EDIT: I was being sarcastic about the PRICE. Bought my PS3 for £425 and worth every penny.

sunil3131d ago

As long as increase in price flows into his pockets, he is fine.

crazy250003131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

if you really want the game, buy it used...never pay for their DLC crap!

creatchee3130d ago

Consider the (accepted) model of $2.00 a song for a music game download such as in Rock Band or Guitar Hero. The costs of it include licensing, royalities, etc.

Now double it, because each "song" in DJ Hero is actually 2 songs in one, each with their own artists and record companies to reimburse for their usage.

That's why the price is high for DJ Hero DLC. Stop whining about Activision screwing us - it's just simple business...

Baka-akaB3131d ago

music games arent the problem . It's activision

Pwee3131d ago

Bast*ards, could of just included it in the game.


siliticx3130d ago

His mixes were not ready for the game early enough as his new album just came out.

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