GGTL Review: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

PlayStation Section Editor, Jacques Hulme, reviews Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Gamer's Guide to Life writes: "A single bullet is a powerful object. Described by some as a work of art, and by many as a waste of human life, whichever view you take, there is one word that everyone uses to describe it - deadly.

In games, bullets have never taken this 'deadly' form. Many games bring us tactics and some realism - take the SOCOM franchise, for instance - but most just bring their own ideas to the table. However, the Operation Flashpoint series has always been close to this realism. The original, released in 2001, flew out of shops. It brought freedom but, most of all, this realism to the crowds. People ignored the silly controls, the evident bugs and instead just played. That's when you know a game is good. People just... play it."

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